White sauce pasta recipe - a restaurant style recipe of creamy pasta 

By  Moumita Paul

About white sauce pasta

White sauce pasta is a recipe of veg pasta prepared by tossing pasta in creamy white sauce, Italian herbs & cheese, easy to make at home with simple steps.

For making pasta Penne pasta, Maccaroni pasta or any pasta,  Olive oil/ vegetable oil,Salt and Water

Ingredients of white sauce pasta

For making white sauce Butter Maida/all purpose flour Chilled milk Nutmeg powder Crushed white pepper Salt(as per taste)


For herbs seasoning  Butter Garlic(finely chopped) Parsley Oregano  Basil


Parmesan cheese Black olives(cut into slice) Chilli flakes

Other Ingredients

Boil water with salt & oil, add pasta(penne, maccaroni or any pasta) in boiling water, cook al dente, means perfectly cooked but still firm, drain well, keep aside. 

Boiling pasta

Making white sauce pasta

Heat a pan with butter, fry chopped garlic, then fry parsley, oregano & basil until golden, turn off the heat. Cool it down & crush it to make authentic italian restaurant's pasta seasoning ready.

Making pasta seasoning

Preparing white sauce

Heat a pan on low, melt the butter, fry maida/flour in it until golden, add 1/2 cup of chilled milk, continuous stir to make it lump free

White sauce is ready

Then add rest of the milk, salt, nutmeg powder & white pepper, stir well, cook it until slight thick & creamy. Creamy white sauce aka béchamel sauce(in french) is ready.

 Pasta in white sauce

Add pasta in white sauce, toss or gently stir it well, add the herbs seasoning, then add sliced black olives & chilli flakes(as per spice level).

Pasta is ready

Cook it for 2-3 mins, turn off the heat, grate parmesan cheese on it. Butter-garlic & Italian herbs flavoured restaurant style creamy white sauce pasta is ready.

Serve this pasta with

Best to serve this creamy pasta all alone. However you can serve it with any veg or non veg continental side dishes, garlic bread or just serve with a drink at lunch or dinner.

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