Easiest Virgin Mojito recipe at home 

By  Moumita Paul

What is Virgin mojito? 

Virgin mojito is a Non Alcoholic lemon-mint mocktail. Punched with Sprite or Soda water. One of the Best refreshing drinks for Summer. 

Lemon Lime Juice Powdered Sugar Mint Leaves Ice Cubes Sprite/7 up (any white soft drink)/ Plain Soda Water

Ingredients Of Virgin Mojito 

Virgin Mojito Making

Take lemon pieces, mint & ice cubes in a tall glass. Put a small glass (upside down) into that tall glass. Tightly hold both glasses & shake well until get lemon - mint extract.

How to Assemble Mojito

In a tall mocktail glass, take powdered sugar, lemon juice, & ice cube. Mix it well. Once sugar dissolves, add lemon mint extract. Give it a good stir.

Virgin mojito is ready

Add few ice cubes in that Mocktail glass. Lastly fill the glass with sprite/7 up (any white soft drink) or plain soda water.  Virgin Mojito is ready. Enjoy your drink.

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