Vegetable chop- a bengali beetroot cutlet(veg cutlet recipe)

By  Moumita Paul

Vegetable chop-Bengali beetroot cutlet recipe


8-9 people


Bengali Indian


55 minutes



Ingredients of vegetables chop

For stuffing Beetroot, carrot, potatoes, ginger, green chilli, dry roasted spices, Amchur/dry mango powder, peanut, sugar, turmeric powder, salt & oil. For coating  cornflour/arrowroot, breadcrumbs.

Wash, peel out & cut beetroot, carrot & potatoes into medium size cubes. Boil the vegetables in pressure cooker with one whistle on medium heat.

Cut & boil veggies

Making vegetable chop

Cool it down 

Once the pressure cooker cools down, strain the veggies, keep the veggies under running fan or keep it in refrigerator for 15 mins to dry up its water.

Make bhaja masala

Dry roast whole cumin-coriander-fennel-cardamom- cloves-cinnamon stick-peppercorn-bay leaf-red chilli, grind these spices to make a fine powder of it.

Sauté masala for stuffing

Heat a pan with little oil, sauté ginger-green chilli paste with turmeric, dry roasted ground powdered masala or bhaja masala. Sauté well. 

Stuffing is ready

Add crumbled veggies into the pan, add salt, sugar, amchur power, sauté it well until dry off. Veg patties stuffing is ready. Mix it with dry roasted peanut.

Cutlets shape

Once the stuffing cools down, take small portion of it & give the patties a cylindrical shape(popular in Kolkata street food stalls) or flat cutlet shape as per choice.

Coat the cutlets

Make a batter with corn flour or arrowroot with salt & little water, Dip the cutlets in the batter first then roll it well in breadcrumbs.

Crunchy cutlet making tips

Keep the cutlets in the freezer for 10-15 mins to get the awesome crunch. Use this trick to make any breadcrumb coated veg or non veg cutlet.

Frying vegetable chop

Heat a pan on medium heat with vegetable oil, add the cutlet or chop in hot oil, fry it until golden from both sides, remove from pan, keep it in paper towel.   

Serve this veg cutlet with

In Kolkata streets or restaurants, this veg beetroot cutlet is served with kasundi or tomato ketchup & salad, tea goes best with this evening snacks.

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