Veg Momos recipe - Street Style Steamed Vegetable Momos 

By  Moumita Paul

About Veg Momos recipe

My Veg Momos recipe is a street style soft & juicy vegetable stuffed steamed dumplings. Let's see how easy to make it at home with a few simple ingredients and step by step pictures.

For stuffing Grated cabbage Grated carrot Chopped onion Pepper Soya Sauce 3 tsp vinegar Garlic Ginger Green Chilies Spring Onion Vegetable Oil Salt

Veg Momos Ingredients

Other Ingredients

For making Dough Maida or All Purpose Flour Vegetable Oil Salt Water

In a mixing bowl, take flour, salt & oil.  Mix it well, gradually add water to knead it.  Dough neither be too soft nor hard Cover the dough  for about 30 mins.

Making Dough

Veg Momos Making

Making Stuffing

Heat a pan, with vegetable oil. First sauté chopped garlic. Fry chopped ginger, green chilies, onion, & spring onion with pepper Sauté grated cabbage & grated carrot.

Add soya sauce and vinegar & salt sauté well. Lastly add spring onion & onion at last for extra crunch. Good stir & turn off the flame. Filling is ready.

Filling is ready

How to shape it

Make small balls from the dough. Roll the dough like a poori with 3-4 inch diameter. Put stuffing on the centre of the rolled sheet. Fold the sheet and shape it as per your convenience.

Grease steamer tray/ idly tray/ colander with oil.  Place the momos on it. Put it on steamer for 5-6 mins  to make it ready.

How To Steam Momos

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