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Rabri recipe - Rabdi recipe - how to make this sweet at home

What is Rabri?

Rabri (also named rabdi) is a classic Indian sweet dish. For making rabdi, milk is boiled to turn into a thick and creamy sweetened condensed milk with thick layers of cream or malai, flavoured with cardamom powder. learn how to make rabdi at home with a few easy tips, tricks  & step by step detail pictures.

Milk (Full cream Milk), Sugar, Cardamom Powder.

Ingredients of rabdi

Step- 1

For making rabdi, first start boiling the milk in a thick and deep bottom pan on medium heat.

How to Make it ?

Step - 2

When the milk started boiling, milk froth will rise up with a layer of cream or malai on top, then slow down the heat. Accumulate the malai and stick to the side wall of the pan by using a spatula.  

Step - 3

In this stage, by waving a hand fan over the boiling milk, you can quickly form the malai. That is the secret method using in traditional sweet shops rabri recipe.

Step - 4

Keep accumulating milk cream layers one after another (called lachchedar malai) on the side wall of the pan until milk reduced to 1/3 portion of its original quantity.

Add sugar to the pan and mix it nicely with the milk remaining in the pan. Cook the milk until sugar melts down and get a thick rabdi like texture. Turn off the heat.

 Step - 5

Rabri is ready

Add cardamom powder with the milk, mix well. Once the milk cools down at room temperature, separate the lachha of malai from the side wall of the pan and mix with sweetened milk and rabdi is ready.

Enjoy this sweet treat

Before serving you can keep this sweet in refrigerator and serve a chilled rabdi with a sprinkle of chopped dry fruits (almonds or pistachios sleeves or powder), saffron strands & rose petals to give a shahi touch.

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