Easy, no bake, eggless Orange Cheesecake recipe 

By  Moumita Paul

Orange Cheesecake how I made!

I made my orange cheesecake recipe with homemade ricotta cheese/ cottage cheese, whipping cream & homemade orange jelly. No eggs, no store bought cream cheese, no sour cream, no baking needed. 

Homemade ricotta cheese/cottage cheese/chenna (for cream cheese), Homemade orange jelly, Whipping cream, Orange jam/marmalade, Nutri choice biscuit, Icing sugar, Vanilla extract, Lemon juice, Butter, Gelatine


Step -1 

Make ricotta cheese/cottage cheese/ chenna by curding boiled milk with lemon juice. 

How To Make?

Step -2 

Strain the cheese & remove all the excess water from it. Blend the cheese well until creamy. Homemade cream cheese is ready.

Boil fresh orange juice with sugar, reduce to its half. Mix with melted gelatin and lemon juice. Slight heat the mixture and orange jelly is ready.

Step - 3

Step -4

Grease the cake pan with butter, fill the cake tin bottom with ground biscuit (nutri choice/any hard crust biscuit) mix up with melted butter. Keep it in freezer.

Assemble cheesecake

Step- 5

Beat cream cheese with lemon juice (act as sour cream) and orange marmalade/jam, keep aside this cream cheese mixture.

Step- 6

In another mixing bowl, beat heavy cream or whipping cream with icing sugar and vanilla essence.

Step -7 

Whisk cream cheese mix with whipped cream. Lastly add melted gelatin, mix it well. 

Pour the cream cheese and whipped cream mixture into the cake tin, level the top and keep it in freezer to set.

Step - 8 

Step -9

Take out the cake tin from the freezer and pour orange jelly on the top of the cream cheese filling. Again keep it in freezer to set.

Step - 10

Once the cake is set, take out from the freezer, demould the cake. Cut into pie & serve it cold & enjoy.  

Thank you

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