Bengali Nolen gurer Payesh recipe

By  Moumita Paul

Nolen gurer payesh

Nolen gurer payesh is a wintertime bengali delicacy. Simply described as bengali gurer payesh. Also known as Khejur gurer payesh or patali gurer payesh in Bengal. Bengali rice pudding or rice kheer with jaggery/gur. Except plain gur used date palm jaggery. 

Gobindo bhog rice/Kalijeera rice/Chinigura chaal/Basmati rice, Milk, Liquid Nolen gur/Khejur gur/Date palm jaggery/ Crushed Patali gur, Ghee, Cashew Nuts, Kismish, Green Cardamom, Bay leaves.


Soak the rice

First throughly wash the payesh rice & soak in water for 30 mins.

How to make?

Boil the milk

Start boiling milk with crushed cardamom and bay leaves. Boil the milk on slow heat for 30 mins with continuous stirring.

Cook rice in milk

Drain the soaked rice water & add the payesh rice in milk. Cook the rice in milk until the rice gets soft. Frequently stir the milk, while cooking rice in milk.

Add cashew & kismis

In this stage, add cashew & kismis in rice. Slightly cook them with milk and rice.

Add ghee

Add little ghee to this rice milk mixture, mix it well. Slight boil the mixture to spread the aroma of ghee all over the payesh.

Add Gur/Jaggery

Either add liquid Nolen gur/Khejur gur(Date palm jaggery) or crushed patali gur. Mix the gur with rice and slow cook the rice for few mins with continuous stirring. Turn off the heat.

Enjoy Gurer payesh

Bengali gurer payesh is ready. Can garnish the payesh with chopped dry nuts too. But cool down the payesh before serving. Serve with luchi, muri or simply have this sweet without sides.

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