Easy Mango Ice Cream Recipe - step by step

By  Moumita Paul

Mango Ice Cream Recipe 

A very delicious & creamy mango ice cream recipe prepared just in 30 mins with milk, whipping cream & mango pulp, easy to make at home with simple step by step detail pictures.


1+1/4 cup Mango cubes 1 cup Full cream Milk 3/4 cup Whipping cream 100 g Milk powder 1/4 cup Cornflour 3/4 cup Sugar Pistachio or Almond(for garnishing)


In a mixing bowl, take 1/2 cup milk, milk powder, cornflour and 1/2 cup of sugar. Mix it well. Make a lump free mixture. Mix it with rest 1/2 cup milk.  

Making mango ice cream

Cook it for 3-4 mins on slow flame and keep stirring continuously. Turn off the heat. Completely cool it down. Strain the milk. Mix this creamy milk with whipping cream. Keep it in the freezer.

Take a blender or mixer jar, pour the mango cubes & rest 1/4 cup of the sugar in it. Blend it well and make a creamy mango pulp. 

Making Mango pulp

Cook this mango pulp on medium heat for 8-10 mins. Stir it frequently to prevent from sticking to the pan. Strain this mango puree to remove the unwanted fibres(if any).

Homemade mango puree

In a deep mixing bowl, pour the creamy milk (kept in freezer) & mango puree. Mix it well. Beat it well with hand beater or electric beater until creamy.

Making Mango ice cream mix

Freeze it

Now transfer the ice cream mixture in an airtight container, put a cling wrap to prevent making ice crystals in ice cream. Then tightly close the lid & keep the container in the freezer for 7-8 hours..

How to serve mango ice cream

Mango ice cream is ready, serve it as scoops with roughly chopped pistachios or almonds on its top.

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