Mango frooti recipe | How to make mango frooti (fruity) at home

By  Moumita Paul

Mango frooti recipe

Mango frooti is the most renowned mango drink named fruity. Mango frooti is easy to make mango drink at home with the following simple step-by-step method and pictures.


Ripe Mangoes Raw Mangoes Sugar Water


For making mango drink frooti, first wash the ripe mangoes, peel and cut them into cubes. Blend those mango cubes to make a smooth mango pulp.

How to Make?

Wash, peel and cut raw mangoes and boil in a pressure cooker with water. Once the cooker cools down, strain the mangoes and keep the water aside.

Boil raw mangoes

Blend the boiled mangoes with the ripe mango pulp by adding little water(used for boiling mangoes) in the blender and make a smooth & creamy mango pulp.

Making mango pulp

Strain the mango pulp to remove any lump or fiber remains. Add the leftover water (used to boil raw mangoes) to it. 

Strain mango pulp

Add water 

In a wide vessel, take the mango pulp, mix it well  with drinking water, check the consistency of the drink, that must be flowing.

Boil it

Put this mixture on low flame, add sugar and mix it well. Boil it for 35-40 mins. Turn off the heat and completely cool it down. Strain it once again.

Mango frooti is ready

Mango frooti is ready, pour this mango drink in bottles and keep it in the refrigerator untill get chilled and then simply serve this drink in glasses with or without ice cubes.

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