Bengali macher jhol recipe - a light & simple macher recipe

By  Moumita Paul

Macher jhol recipe

Macher jhol is a stomach soothing healthy soupy bengali fish curry. Check how to make a simple & healthy macher jhol with katla/rui/tilapia/chara pona/bata machh, jhinge(ridge gourd), aloo, data(drumstick), ada jeera bata masalas.

 Katla (catla/rohu fish), Jhinge(ridge gourd), Aloo (potato), Data(drumstick), Ginger, Tomato, Green chilli, Jeera powder, Dhania powder, Turmeric powder, Red chili powder(optional), Coriander leaves, Salt & Oil(mustard oil/vegetable oi).


Wash the fish(katla/rui/tilapia/chara pona/bata fish), drain the water, smear the fish with turmeric & salt. Fry the fish until golden.

Fry the fish

How to make?

Boil jhinge(ridge gourd), aloo(potato), and data(drumsticks) in pressure cooker with 1 & 1/2 cup of water, with one whistle blowing.

Boil the sabji

Macher jholer masala

Blend ginger,  green chillies(as per taste), and  tomato with little water until making a smooth masala paste.

Fry the Masala

Heat the pan(used to fry the fish) with little oil, sauté whole jeera and bay leaves. Fry the masala paste, with cumin powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, until raw smell goes off., 

Cook with veggies

Add the boiled vegetables to the pan. Add one more cup of water as macher jhol needs a patla or light gravy.

Cook the fish in gravy

Once the gravy starts boiling, add coriander leaves and little coriander powder, add the fried fish to the gravy & slow cook the fish until the fish completely soaks the masala-infused gravy, get soft and juicy.

Enjoy Macher jhol 

Our light Bengali fish curry macher jhol is ready. Enjoy with gorom bhat(rice) & lebu(lemon).

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