Luchi recipe - Bengali Poori (puri) recipe

By  Moumita Paul

What is Luchi ?

Luchi is a crispy, flaky, deep fried Bengali flat bread. Made with all purpose flour/Maida, salt, sugar & ghee/vegetable oil. Luchi is counted in traditional Bengali food prepared in breakfast of Bengali home of Indian Bengal region & Bangladesh.

Which Ingredients are best for making Bengali Luchis?

Maida/All-purpose flour, Sugar, Salt, Vegetable Oil/ Ghee

Tips 1: Make a crumbly mixture

Mix maida with salt & sugar, Add little oil into the mixture, nicely mix it with fingertips until the mixture gets crumbly.

How to Make Perfect Bengali Luchi?

Gradually mix water & knead the dough until gets soft. Like slight tight roti dough or quite soft poori doughs. Knead it for 10 mins.

Tips 2 : Perfect kneading

Grease the dough with oil & cover it for at least 30 mins resting time with a plate or moist kitchen towel.

Tips 3: Perfect Resting time!

Make small lemon size balls from the dough and again cover them until rolling the bread.

 Luchi Dough is ready!

Grease rolling board & rolling pin with little oil/ghee. Put the dough on the board, slight press by hand, then gently roll loochi from the centre to the edge.


Frying Tips

Heat a pan with oil/ghee,  Once oil gets hot, put the luchi in oil, Slightly press from the top until completely puffed up, Turn it down, Fry it until golden from both sides. Transfer to a paper lined plate.

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