Kashmiri mutton rogan josh recipe step wise story

By  Moumita Paul

Kashmiri Mutton rogan josh recipe


4 people


Indian Kashmiri


1 hr 25 mins



First grind dry ginger & then ground fennel seeds or saunf, 2 main spices used in kashmiri  rogan josh recipe.

 Make Dry Masala

Ground cumin seeds, cinnamon stick, green cardamoms, cloves, & mace, the garam masala powder for the authentic taste of rogan josh recipe.

Make Garam Masala

For making this recipe, take mutton or lamb or goat shanks, ribs or shoulder. Wash it in lukewarm water & drain it well.


Heat the pan with mustard oil, tempering green cardamom, black cardamom & cloves in it. Add mutton pieces sear or sautéed in hot oil with hing.

Cooking Method

Step 1

Step 2

Make  a mixture of curd, kashmiri red chilli powder, dry ginger & fennel powder, a pinch of saffron & salt with water. Add it to the pan.

Masala paste

Step 3

Cook the mutton into that masala, cover it by adding little water, cook until mutton gets soft. 

Cook it soft

Step 4

Add the garam masala powder prepared earlier. 


Garam masala

Step 5

Lastly add a pinch of red food colour or saute ratanjot in ghee & add it by straining, to this mutton curry. Cook for few mins to get it ready.

Add food colour

Serve it with piping hot rice, roti, paratha, or nun at lunch or dinner and enjoy the meal with your family.

Serve & enjoy

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