How to make bhoger khichuri at home(step by step) web story

By  Moumita Paul

Bhoger khichuri recipe 


6 people




1 h 10 min




Main ingredients Gobindo Bhog/Basmati rice Muger dal/ moong dal Potato Cauliflower Green peas Tomato Ginger Green chillies Cumin powder Turmeric powder Red chilli powder Garam masala Sugar Salt Ghee Mustard oil


Spices for tempering in oil whole red chillies Whole cumin seeds Bay Leaves Whole cumin seeds Green cardamom Cloves Cinnamon stick

Soak rice & dal

Dry roast the dal until golden, wash & soak it in hot water. Take rice, wash & soak it in normal water.

Frying vegetables

Heat the pan with oil, fry the potatoes & cauliflower (smeared with turmeric & salt) till golden. 

Making the khichuri

Step by step


Start cooking by tempering whole spices in hot oil, sauté tomato with salt. 


 Add ginger & green chilli paste,  wit  turmeric, cumin & chilli powder, green chillies(slit), sauté  till the raw smells go off.


 When masala leaves oil, add the soaked rice, dal & aloo to the pan. Stir it well, add hot water. Add cauliflower once water starts boiling.


 Add green peas, sugar & salt , cook for few mins, add the garam masala powder, turn off the heat.


Lastly, Add ghee & cover the pan. Bhoger khichuri aka puja special bengali Moong dal khichdi is ready to serve.

Storing Suggestions

You can store it in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.  Add little  hot water while making it hot in pan. Best to  heat in oven or in steamer(as not need to add water).

Serving Suggestions

Bengali curry like Labra, Bhoger alu dum, Niramish aloo dum, Phukpoir tarkari, bhandhakopir tarkari are good side dishes for this khichuri. Even begun bhaja, alu bhaja, beguni are the best in fried sides.

Tips & Tricks

Soaking of dal & rice is not mandatory. However, it helps to cook faster. Always add hot water while making khichdi otherwise taste might be bland. Add salt and sugar as per your taste. Bhog er khichuri or niramish khichuri generally tastes little sweet, so can add more sugar as per your taste. Added green peas later to keep its colour intact. Lastly add sugar, when rice & dal is already cooked.

Can I make this khichuri in pressure cooker?

Yes, you can. How I cook it in pan, same way cook it in pressure cooker. Just let one whistle blow on high flame to cook rice, dal, potatoes & cauliflower together. When pressure releases, add green peas  & rest of the procedure are same as mine.

Which rice can be used in making this khichuri? 

Generally in Westbengal, gobindo bhog rice is used in making this recipe, however basmati rice or any other small grain fragrant rice  is good to use.

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