Homemade vegetable pizza(in oven & pan) dominos style pizza recipe

By  Moumita Paul

Ingredients of veg pizza

For making pizza dough Flour, Yeast, Chopped Garlic, Sugar, Refined/Olive Oil, Salt & Lukewarm water.

For pizza topping Pizza sauce, Red, Yellow & Green Bell pepper, Onion, Black olives, Sweet corn, Mozzarella cheese, Garlic, Oil, Chilli flakes, Oregano & Salt.

Take a bowl with lukewarm water, sugar, mix it well, add yeast, mix well, cover it & keep it in  a warm place for 20-25 mins for good fermentation. 

Making of dough

Preparing yeast

Knead the dough

In a mixing bowl, sieve the flour with salt, chopped garlic & oil.  Mix it well with hand until crumbly. Knead it with fermented yeast for 7-8 times to get a smooth dough,

 Smooth dough

Grease the dough with oil, wrap the bowl with cling wrapper/keep it in an airtight container. Keep it in a warm place of kitchen for 2 1/2 hr for double or triple in size.

First punch down fermented & puffed up dough to remove the air created in it. Sprinkle flour on rolling board/ kitchen table, knead the dough well.

Step 1

Preparing pizza base

Grease a baking tray with oil & dust the flour, roll the dough, place it on the tray, make the dough flat up to the edges of the tray by pressing it down with hand.

Step 2

Keep the same thickness of the base, prick the base (but not the edges) to prevent it from puffed up. Pizza base is ready for assembling.

Step 3

Preheat the oven, spread pizza sauce over the base, add mozzarella cheese, then assemble with green, yellow, red bell pepper, corn, black olives & onion toppings. 

Assembling  veg pizza 

Sprinkle grated garlic, salt, oregano, & chili flakes over the toppings. Complete the assembling by sprinkling oil all over the base. It is ready to go to oven.

Seasoning Pizza

Place the pizza in the pre heated oven for 18-19 mins. Just after 19 mins, veg pizza will be ready, cut it into the pie, & serve it hot.

Baking pizza in oven 

How to bake pizza on gas oven 

Place a a wide iron pan or aluminium pan on the lowest heat of gas oven, putting an iron stand in it, Cover the pan for 10 mins for pre heating.

Baking pizza in pan 

Place the assembled pizza in the pre heated pan, bake it for 30 mins on the lowest heat of gas oven by cover the pan with a tight lid.

How to serve pizza

Once pizza is done, make its slices or pie, sprinkle chilli flakes, ,oregano & pepper on its top. Enjoy this dominos style vegetable pizza at home.

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