Hakka style Vegetable noodles recipe at home 

By  Moumita Paul

About this veg noodles

It is an Indian street style hakka noodles recipe tossed or stir fried with assorted veggies & few Chinese sauces, easy to make at home by following simple steps.

For boiling noodles A packet of hakka noodles, water, vegetable oil & salt.

Ingredients of vegetable  noodles

Vegetables used Onion, carrot, cabbage, bell pepper, green chillies, ginger, garlic, spring onion.


Sauce required Soya sauce tomato ketchup Other ingredients Vineger, , white or black pepper, salt & oil 



Boil water with salt & oil, add noodles in it, cook al dente, drain well, wash it with water, keep it in a strainer for 10 mins, mix with 2 tbsp vegetable oil.

Prepare the noodles

Making vegetable noodles

Frying veggies 

Heat a pan /wok with oil, stir fry chopped ginger- garlic & spring onion.Stir fFry cubed onion, carrot & shredded cabbage. Lastly fry bell peppers & green chillies.

Toss in sauce

Toss the veggies with soya sauce, vinegar & tomato ketchup for 1min. Seasoning it with salt & pepper.

Fry the noodles

Stir fry or toss the noodles with veggies, chinese sauce & seasoning for 1-2 mins. Sprinkle chopped spring onion & toss it well. Chinese hakka style vegetable noodles aka veg chow mein is ready.

Serve this noodles with

Best to serve this veg noodles with any veg or non veg chinese gravy, chilli chicken, chilli fish or manchurian is commonly served in Indian Chinese restaurants.

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