Sweet Shops Style Gulab jamun recipe (with Milk Powder)

By  Moumita Paul

About Gulab jamun Recipe

This is an Indian sweet shop style soft juicy Gulab Jamun recipe. Which Easily melts in mouth. Learn how easy to make it at home with a few simple ingredients & step by step detail pictures.

Milk powder, Maida/All purpose flour, Suji/Semolina, Ghee, Sugar, Milk, Green Cardamom, Baking soda, Refine oil/Vegetable Oil, Pistachios for garnishing

Ingredients of Gulab Jamun

Making Dough

First soak suji in water. In the mean time, in a mixing bowl, mix milk powder, maida, little sugar, cardamom powder, baking soda & ghee. 

Making Gulab Jamun

Dough is ready

Mix soaked suji with other ingredients. Mix it well until crumbly. Knead it with a little milk to make a smooth dough.  Leave the dough for 10 mins.

Making Jamun Balls

Grease your palm with little ghee or oil . Start making  lemon sized balls from the dough.  Cover the balls and keep it aside.

How To Fry Jamun Balls

Fry the balls on low heat in ghee and oil mix. Once turn golden brown. Remove them from the pan.

Make Sugar Syrup

Make sugar syrup with water, sugar & green cardamom. Once sugar completely melts down. Boil it for more 3-4 mins to make the syrup ready.

Gulab jamun is ready

Pour the fried Jamun balls in sugar syrup. Boil them for 10 mins by covering the pan. Then turn off the heat & leave it for 1 hr to make it ready.

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