Dudh Puli recipe -Bengali Dudh Puli Pitha recipe

By  Moumita Paul

Dudh puli recipe

Dudh puli is a pitha or pithe from Bengal. Prepared in Makar sankranti by cooking puli pitha in dudh. Puli pitha is a stuffed rice flour dumpling cooked in milk/doodh flavoured with cardamom & Khejur gur/patali gur(date palm jaggery).

Rice flour(Store bought/Homemade), Grated Coconut, Crushed Patali Gur/khejur gur/Date palm jaggery, Green Cardamom, Milk, Ghee.


Pitha Stuffing

Sauté grated coconut with grated/crushed patali gur(date palm jaggery), milk, ghee & cardamom powder until the moisture almost evaporates.

How to make?

Pitha dough

Make puli pitha dough by cooking rice flour in bubbling hot water with little salt with continuous stirring. Turn off the heat. Knead the hot rice flour dough until the dough get soft & smooth. 

Puli Pitha cover

Make some lemon size balls from the dough, turn them into a thin flat disc by hand or by rolling pin(roll it with dusting some rice flour). 

Put coconut filling on the middle of the disc(pithar khol/cover), 

 Fill the pitha

Puli pitha shape

Seal the edges of the dumpling’s or puli pitha’s cover. I gave it a half-moon shape, you shape it of your choice. However, you can shape it with a gujiya making mould too.

Prepare milk

In a wide pan, boil milk with crushed cardamom pods, crushed/grated date palm jaggery/patali gur/Khejur gur.

Dudh puli pitha ready

when the milk gets a little thick, add the puli pitha in milk, cook for few more mins & dudh puli will be ready. Cool it down, serve & enjoy.

Tips for Dudh puli

➡Use sugar if patali gur is not available around. ➡ How thin pithar khol/cover will be, pitha will be that soft after boiling in dudh too. ➡ Try to avoid using nolen gur/liquid date palm jaggery for preventing from milk curdling..

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