By  Moumita Paul

Doodh peda recipe story - with milk, sugar & cardamom powder

About Doodh Peda Recipe

Sweet shop style delicious soft doodh peda recipe with milk & sugar flavoured with cardamom powder & ghee easily melts in the mouth. learn how to make it at home with a few simple tips and tricks with step by step picture details.

Full fat Milk/Dudh, Powdered sugar/Boora, Green cardamom powder/Choti elaichi, Ghee, A pinch of Saffron/Kesar strands

Ingredients of Doodh Peda

Boiling milk

For making doodh peda, first boil the milk ((preferably in a non-stick pan) on medium heat, once starts boiling, slow down the heat. Stir after every 1 min, when milk dries up almost half & get thickening, stir it after every 30 secs to avoid burning from the bottom.

Making Doodh peda

Add Kesar

Now add a pinch of kesar/saffron strands to milk (though simply optional), let the kesar boil with milk & release its colour in milk. Even can use a saffron food colour or just skip the step too.

Make a soft khoya 

Once the milk reaches to 1/4 of its original consistency, then start stir it after every 10 secs. Cook it with continuous stirring until milk turn into soft khoya with a thick creamy consistency. As shown in the above picture. Turn off the heat.

Add sugar & cardamom 

Let cool down the khoya, add powdered sugar & cardamom powder or crushed cardamom pods, mix well. Again put this khoya sugar mix on low heat until get the slight stickiness. Turn off the heat and transfer the mixture in a ghee greased plate.

Shape the Peda by hand

Mix rest of the cardamom powder with the khoya mix, let it slight cool down, grease your palm with little ghee and make small lemon size balls from the dough. Make round shaped balls rolling by hand and slight press the ball from the top.

Doodh peda is ready

Sweet shop style doodh peda is ready serve it garnishing with chopped pistachio or almond from the top. Make this Indian sweet in Holi, Diwali or Navaratri & enjoy.

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