By  Moumita Paul

Easy Chocolate Modak recipe story - with & without mould

About Chocolate Modak Recipe

Super soft & delicious Chocolate Modak recipe, learn how easy to make it at home with using mould and without using mould (shape by hand) with few simple ingredients & step by step picture details.

Milk Powder, Cocoa Powder, Cadbury Chocolate bar, Whole Milk, Powdered Sugar, Chopped Almonds & Cashew Nuts, Ghee.

Ingredients of Chocolate Modak

Making dough

For making chocolate modak dough, first take milk in a heavy bottom pan, nicely mix it with cocoa powder, put the pan on low heat, add powdered sugar, let the sugar melt into the mixture.

Making chocolate modak

Chocolate in dough

Then add milk powder in 2-3 batches, mix it quickly to make a lump free dough. Once the mixture reaches to a thick consistency. Then add Cadbury chocolate bar to the mixture. Let it melt down.  

Dough is ready

After continuous stirring, mixture will start forming a dough, once the mixture completely leaves the pan and comes to the middle of the pan. Chocolate Dough is ready. Turn off the heat. 

Shape the modak

Transfer the dough to a ghee greased plate, let it cool down. Once cool down, take a steel or plastic modak mould, grease with ghee, stuff a small lemon size chocolate dough in the mould. 

shape it using mould

Make a hole through the dough, stuff the hole with chopped dry nuts(cashes & almonds). Seal the bottom of the dough with a small amount of dough. Unmould the modak & chocolate modak will be ready with the mould shape.

Shape it without mould

If do not have modak mould at home, easily shape the dough by hand. Take a small lemon size chocolate dough, fill its centre with chopped nuts, roll it by hand like coconut laddoo, lastly shape it like a cone. Hand made chocolate modak is ready.

How to serve Modak

After making all modaks, store it in an airtight container, serve this sweet to Ganapati Bappa on the auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi.

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