Making Steamed Chicken Momos (Street Style chicken dumplings) 

By  Moumita Paul

Chicken Momos recipe 

Chicken momos are soft and juicy delicious chicken mince stuffed steamed dumplings. This recipe shows you how easy to make chicken momos at home  with simple ingredients & step by step pics with street-style taste.


For Stuffing  Chicken mince/ keema,  Finely chopped Onion, Grated Garlic, Grated Ginger, Black Pepper Powder, Soya sauce and Salt.

Other Ingredients

For Dough  Maida/All Purpose Flour, Salt & Water

Vegetable  Oil For Greasing the Steamer

Step 1: Filling

Take Chicken mince, grated ginger-garlic, chopped onion, soya sauce, salt, pepper & mix it well to make the momos filling ready.

Making Chicken Momos

Step 2: Dough

Mix maida with salt. Knead with hot water until soft and smooth. Momo's dough is ready. Cover the dough for 30 mins to make it soft.

Step 3: Rolling

Turn the dough into small lemon size balls, Roll the balls into thin disks, like poori .

How to stuff Momo?

Put a spoon full of chicken stuffing in the centre of the momo disk.

Giving Shape By Hand

I shape it as per my convenience and you can shape it as per yours. Fold it by hand or can use a mould. 

Utensils used to steam momos

Take a momo steamer or a plain colander or an idly steamer(available at home).  Grease the steamer pan with refined oil & arrange the momos on it.

How to steam ?

Fill the bowl of the steamer bottom with water. Put on stovetop.  Once water starts boiling put the momo filled steamer rack or colander on it. Cover it tightly.

How long to steam momos? 

Steam the momos on low flame for 18 -20 mins and chicken momos are ready. Carefully take out the momos at the end as momos are delicate after steaming. Enjoy with Momos Chutney or tomato sauce.

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