Bengali patishapta pitha is a rolled rice flour pancake stuffed with coconut, khoya & date palm jaggery

Batter Preparation


Mixing rice flour & maida with milk and date palm jaggery to create a smooth batter

Patishapta Filling Preparation


Making of kheer narkel nolen gurer stuffing for patishapta

Making Patishapta pitha


Our favorite bengali patishapta pitha or patisapta pithe is ready

You may use more or less gur in this recipe as per your requirement.


If you feel the patisapta’s batter doesn’t reach your desired consistency, may mix 1-2 tbsp more milk for the best result. Do not use more than that.

Water and milk should be at room temperature, don’t use hot water or hot milk for making the batter of this pithe.