Bengali fish fry aka fish cutlet recipe(full recipe)

By  Moumita Paul

About Bengali fish fry

Bengali fish fry is an Indian style fish cutlet recipe prepared with boneless bhetki fish fillets, coated with breadcrumbs & deep fry in vegetable oil until crisp & golden, easy to make at home by simple steps.

For marinating fish  7-8 pcs(≈ 200g) Boneless Fish Fillets(Bhetki), 1 &1/2 cup(≈375 ml) Lukewarm Water, 1 tbsp Vinegar, 1 pc Medium Onion(= 1/2 Big Sized Onion), 6 pcs Garlic Cloves, 1/2 inch Ginger, 2 pcs Green Chillies, 1/2 tsp Black Pepper(powder),1 tbsp Lemon, Salt(as required).

Ingredients of Bengali fish fry

For coating the fish cutlet 2 Eggs (For Single Coating) 1 cup(=200g) Breadcrumbs(For Single Coating) 1/2 tsp Salt For frying the cutlets Vegetable oil/white oil/refined oil


Wash the fish fillets(readymade or sliced at home), soak it in 1&1/2 cup lukewarm water with 1 tbsp vinegar for 15-20 mins. It helps to remove fish smells & make the fillets tender.

Prepare the fish fillets

Making Bengali fish fry

Making of masala

Blend onion, ginger, cloves, green chillies, to get a smooth paste, put it in a mixing bowl with black pepper, lemon juice & salt. Mix it well. Bengali fish fry aka fish cutlet masala is ready.

Marinade the fillets

Remove the fillets from the water, gently squeeze to make sure water totally removed. Marinade the fillets in masala for 45 mins to 1 hr.

Coat in breadcrumbs

Take eggs & salt in a mixing bowl, mix it well, take breadcrumbs in a plate with 1/4 tsp salt, mix well. Remove the fillets from marination, dip it in egg batter first, then coat in breadcrumbs.

Make it crunchy

Once all the fish fry aka fish cutlet is ready after coating, shape it perfectly & keep it in the freezer for 15-20 mins. This step will help you to get more crunchy cutlets.

Deep fry the chilled cutlets in hot vegetable oil(white oil/refined oil) until gets crisp & golden from both sides. Remove it in a paper lined plate to remove the excess oil.

Frying the fish cutlets

Serve Bengali fish fry with

Bengali fish fry aka fish cutlet is ready, best to serve this starter with kasundi(bengali mustard sauce)/tomato ketchup & onion-cucumber salad.  

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