Thandai recipe | How to make Thandai for holi

Thandai recipe

Thandai came from the word Thanda means cool. Thandai is a refreshing cooling drink mostly made in holi or Shivaratri like Indian festivals. More than Shivratri, making thandai is a tradition of holi, especially in all North Indian states. A most delectable drink made with dry nuts, poppy seeds, a few flavourful whole spices and … Read more

How to make watermelon juice (2 recipes) with video

Watermelon Juice recipes

Not only in summer, I often make watermelon juice at home for my son who loves it most. He loves all types of fruit juices but especially watermelon drink is top on his list. Fruit juices are always refreshing and healthy but I prepare fruit juice to make my kid drink lots of water through … Read more

How to cut watermelon to make juice without seeds(with video)

How to cut watermelon to make juice without seeds

Today I will show the trick how to cut watermelon to make juice without seeds (with video) with English subtitles and Bengali audio. This trick is very easy you can easily apply it at home and never strain watermelon juice afterwards.  Generally, juice shop employees do not have enough time to remove the watermelon seeds … Read more

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