Patishapta pitha recipe | bengali kheer narkel nolen gurer patishapta pitha recipe step by step

patishapta pitha recipe - kheer narkel nolen gurer bengali patishapta pithe recipe step by step

Patishapta pitha recipe – bengali kheer-narkel-nolen gurer patishapta pitha or patishapta pithe recipe at home with step-by-step pictures. Patishapta is one of the most popular bengali sweets or desserts in West Bengal and Bangladesh prepared at Makar Sankranti or Poush Parbon festival. It is basically a rolled-shaped rice flour pancake, stuffed with khoya(kheer)-coconut(nerkel)-sweet date palm … Read more

Rosh bora recipe | Bengali rosbora recipe – a sweet bengali pitha 

Rosh bora recipe | bengali roshbora recipe | daler rosh bora with urad dal or biulir dal or maskolai dal | sweet bengali pitha recipe | rasbhari recipe | rasamanjari sweet | sweet bengali pithe recipe | rosh e bheja biulir daler bora

Rosh bora recipe or bengali rosbora recipe – a flavourful sweet pitha of our bengali cuisine with step by step pictures. Rosh bora is basically a soft and juicy urad dal fritters soaked in a sweet syrup made with sugar or date palm jaggery. Prepared with urad dal(overnight soaked), fennel seeds, soda, date palm jaggery, … Read more

Dudh puli recipe | makar sankranti special bengali dudh puli pitha recipe

Dudh puli recipe

Dudh puli pitha recipe step by step – Dudh puli is a traditional bengali pithe or pitha and Makar Sankranti or poush sankranti(in Bengal) is the best time to make it at home. Bengali style Dudh puli means half-moon shaped stuffed rice cake or dumpling cooked in dudh or milk. In this bengali dudh puli … Read more

choshir payesh | bengali chushi pitha | hate kata semai pitha recipe

choshir payesh recipe

Choshir Payesh or bengali chushi pitha or hate kata(hand made) semai pitha recipe with step by step pictures. Choshir payesh or chushi pitha or semai pitha is a Makar Sankranti special bengali delicacy made by choshi or chusi(a tiny wick shaped rice flour pitha) cooked in milk, and date palm jaggery. Choshi or chushi is … Read more