Mango milkshake recipe | How to make mango milkshake in less than 10 mins

Mango milkshake recipe

Make Mango milkshake in less than 10 mins. Today I am making a thick & creamy yummy mango milkshake recipe, one of the best mango drinks recipes to have in Indian summer(season of mangoes). Making with sweet well ripe Mangoes(mango cube pieces of freshly made mango pulp), whole milk/full cream milk(chilled), and granulated sugar are … Read more

Mango frooti recipe | how to make mango frooti at home | homemade mango fruity drink

mango frooti

Mango frooti recipe – how to make mango frooti at home – homemade mango fruity drink – describes with simple step-by-step method & detail pictures. Mango frooti is one of the best & popular packet mango drinks in India. A delicious mango drink brings refreshment & suits perfect for hot Indian weather. I can still … Read more

Mango lassi recipe( Easy & Best)

Mango lassi recipe

Mango lassi recipe with step-by-step detailed pictures- One of the best, very delicious, thick & creamy sweet mango lassi recipe, easy to make at home just in 10 mins. I make this mango lassi with thick chilled curd/unflavoured yogurt, mango pulp(can use mango cubes too), sugar & rose water, garnished with grated khoya and malai. … Read more

aam panna recipe – bengali kacha aam er sorbot/ Bengali aam pora’r shorbot recipe

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Aam panna is one of my favorite drinks, delicious & best for stomach nourishment in this sweating Indian summer. Basically, a raw mango drink(sorbot in India) prepared with unripened green mangoes, mint, sugar/jaggery, roasted spices & black salt. Bengali name is aam er pana(আমের পানা) or kacha aam er sorbot or even aam pora’r shorbot(prepared … Read more

Easy Mango Ice Cream Recipe – step by step দুর্দান্ত স্বাদের পমফ্রেট মাছের রেসিপি(Pomfret macher recipe in bengali) কলকাতা চিকেন বিরিয়ানি রেসিপি – Kolkata chicken biryani recipe in bengali স্ট্রিট স্টাইল ভেজ মোমো রেসিপি – Veg momo recipe in bengali Mango Lassi recipe – street style Mango yogurt drink চিকেন স্টু রেসিপি(in bengali) – মাত্র ৩০ মিনিটে স্ট্রিট স্টাইল চিকেন মোমো রেসিপি(chicken momo recipe in bengali) লস্যি রেসিপি(in bengali)- ১০ মিনিটে হাতে ও ২০ সেকেন্ডে মিক্সার এ তৈরী পাঞ্জাবি লস্যি