Kolkata special chicken biryani – a Bengali style biryani recipe with chicken

Kolkata special chicken biryani - a Bengali style Murgh(murg) biryani recipe-Kolkata chicken biryani aka kolkata murgh biryani aka kolkata murg biryani aka kolkata style murgi biryani aka kalkatta chicken biryani aka calcutta chicken biryani aka kolkata chickn biryani aka bangladeshi chicken biryani aka bangladeshi chicken biryani recipe | কলকাতা বিরিয়ানি | কলকাতা বিরিয়ানি রেসিপি। বাঙালি বিরিয়ানি । কলকাতা চিকেন বিরিয়ানি | কলকাতা চিকেন বিরিয়ানি রেসিপি | বাঙালি বিরিয়ানি রেসিপি | বাঙালি চিকেন বিরিয়ানি রেসিপি | বাঙালি চিকেন বিরিয়ানি | বাঙ্গালী মুরগি বিরিয়ানি

Today I’m going to make one of the most delectable recipes of Kolkata special chicken biryani – a Bengali style Murg(murgh) biryani recipe with step-by-step pictures. In one word, Kolkata biryani is the most flavourful Indian style biryani that comes with long grain basmati rice, soft & juicy meat(murg or gosht), aloo, and a distinct … Read more

How to make Kolkata restaurant-style mutton biryani recipe at home with step-by-step pics

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Kolkata mutton biryani recipe with step by step detail & pictures – Let’s see how to make Kolkata restaurant-style Bengali mutton biryani at home through this recipe. Kolkata-style mutton biryani is one of the most popular flavoursome and delectable biryani devoured by bongs from West Bengal to Bangladesh. This mutton biryani (lamb biryani) is a … Read more

Ilish biryani recipe | bengali hilsa fish biryani | Kolkata style ilish mach er biryani

ilish biryani recipe

Ilish biryani, a bengali recipe of aromatic basmati rice and hilsa fish, cooked in a dum pukht style with lots of fragrance. This bengali ilish mach or hilsa fish biryani is a new addition to our kolkata style biryani. Whole garam masala flavored long grain basmati rice, ilish mach or hilsa fish and special biryanir … Read more

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