Egg noodles recipe (Chinese hakka style) | Egg chow mein recipe

egg noodles recipe

Egg noodles or egg chow mein is a delicious recipe of stir-fried noodles prepared with egg, fresh veggies, a few Chinese sauces & seasoning. Egg noodles are the most popular street food in India made in the Chinese hakka style method known as egg chow mein too. It is easy to make at home, just … Read more

baby corn manchurian recipe | crispy dry baby corn manchurian

baby corn manchurian recipe

Baby corn manchurian recipe with step by step pictures. Today we will learn how to make delicious, crispy, dry, baby corn manchurian at home. Baby corn manchurian is an indo chinese style mouthwatering veg starter. Taste-wise it is sweeter than other Indian-style Chinese recipes and it has no connection with original Chinese food. Baby corn … Read more