Bengali masoor dal (musur dal or musurir dal) recipe for rice | Peyaj rosun phoron diye Bangladeshi musur daal recipe

Bengali masoor dal recipe | Bengali masoor dal (musur dal/ Musurir dal) for rice

Bengali masoor dal recipe is a Bengali style simply delicious red lentil curry popular in West Bengal & Bangladesh that goes well with rice. This dal is also named musur dal or musurir dal in Bengali dialect. For making this dal, boiled red lentils are cooked with fried onion, garlic and tomato only with salt … Read more

Aam Dal recipe | Kacha Aam Diye Bengali Tok dal (Toker Dal) recipe | Bengali green mango masoor dal recipe

Aam dal recipe | Kacha Aam Diye Toker Dal recipe | Bengali green mango masoor dal recipe

Aam Dal recipe, Kacha Aam Diye Bengali Tok dal (Toker Dal) recipe, Bengali green mango (raw mango) masoor dal recipe with simple step-by-step pictures. Aam dal is a slightly sour & sweet Bengali green mango dal or raw mango dal recipe. Masoor dal (Indian red lentil), moong dal, toor dal or matar dal is cooked … Read more

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