Kolkata Street Style Egg Roll recipe | Egg Paratha Roll | Egg Frankie | Egg Kathi Roll

Kolkata street style egg roll recipe | Egg paratha roll | Egg Frankie | Egg kathi roll

Kolkata Street Style Egg Roll is a one-sided egg-wrapped paratha, rolled with julienne onion and cucumber salad with tomato ketchup. Egg roll is the most popular street food in Kolkata (West Bengal) as this dish was created in Kolkata. Not exactly developed in Kolkata streets, came up with Old Calcutta Cabins(small restaurants or cafes in … Read more

chicken roll recipe | How to make Kolkata street food Bengali chicken roll

Chicken roll recipe

Chicken roll recipe – learn how to make Kolkata street food Bengali chicken roll recipe with step-by-step pictures. Chicken roll is basically chicken-wrapped paratha with onion salad. Basically cooked boneless chicken pieces (boneless kabab pieces) are wrapped in a fried paratha with lime juice and onion slices. It originally comes from Kolkata and is similar … Read more

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