How to make Bengali Dimer Devil recipe at home with step by step guide

Dimer Devil recipe

Dimer Devil is a breadcrumbs coated deep fried crispy Bengali egg chop combined with spicy potato stuffing. This classic Bengali egg snack is a popular Kolkata street food. Easy to make at home for a tea-time snack or for serving as a Delicious appetizer.  In Kolkata street food corners, Dimer devil is served with Kasundi … Read more

Aloo chop recipe – Bengali style crispy aloor chop | kolkata alur chop

Aloo chop recipe

Make a quick & easy recipe of Bengali-style crispy aloo chop at home with step-by-step pictures. This Bengali potato chop is quite similar to my banana blossom cutlet recipe (followed by Indian veg but not Bengali veg without onion and garlic). Aloor chop makes Bengalis(from West Bengal) nostalgic, a best snack for evening time adda … Read more

Macher chop – a Bengali style fish croquette recipe with leftover fish

Macher chop - a Bengali style fish croquette recipe with leftover fish

Macher chop – a Bengali style fish croquette recipe with leftover fish with detailed step-by-step pictures and simple tips, and tricks. Macher chop means a Bengali-style fish croquette. Boneless fish meat is cooked up with mashed potato and few Indian spices to make the stuffing of this croquette and coated with bread crumbs to finish … Read more

beguni recipe – a crispy bengali brinjal fritters aka batter fried eggplant fritters

beguni recipe

Beguni recipe -a crispy bengali brinjal fritters aka batter-fried eggplant fritters with step-by-step pictures. Beguni is a Bengali style crispy, batter-fried brinjal or eggplant fritters, a popular dish in Kolkata aka Bengal & Bangladesh as evening time snacks. This dish is also known as begun er chop. It is a kind of tele-bhaja (which means … Read more

vegetable chop – a bengali street style beetroot cutlet recipe

vegetable chop recipe

Vegetable chop recipe or Bengali street style beetroot cutlet recipe with step-by-step pictures – Bengali vegetable chop or beetroot cutlet is popular street food in Kolkata. As it consists of boiled and mashed or crumbled beetroot, carrot and potatoes, well combined with bengali bhaja masala and is to be coated with breadcrumbs before deep frying. … Read more

mochar chop recipe | how to make mochar chop at home| banana blossom cutlet recipe

mochar chop

mochar chop is a traditional and highly demandable Bengali snack. It’s basically mochar cutlet as we Bengalis generally identify the chop as dipped in a gram flour batter before frying it in oil. And whereas, the cutlet is nicely coated in breadcrumbs before deep frying in oil and this mochar chop is following the later one. Mocha … Read more

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