Sandesh recipe – how to make bengali sweet or misti sondesh

Sandesh recipe – Learn how to make bengali sweet or misti sondesh with step by step pictures. Sandesh is a popular sweet among Bengalis from Kolkata aka West Bengal and even Bangladesh. When a soft and moist channa(fresh Indian ricotta cheese) is cooked with the perfect ratio of sugar, cardamom powder, and rose water to make a dry bengali sweet is called Sandesh. Like other bengali misti, it can not be made with its special ingredients channa. This chanar misti is mainly used to welcome our guests to offering God in different pujas or for celebrating any occassions at our home.

While making this bengali misti sandesh recipe at home, I used my own trick to make this sweet perfectly. Firstly, in this sondesh recipe, I’ve cooked the chenna mix two times with a perfect interval. That’s why, this recipe looks a little tricky, but trust me this trick will help you to get an authentic taste of our bengali sandesh. And secondly, I’ve added little rose water in this sondesh recipe, as bengali confectioners do, that adds more flavor to this bengali sweet.

Sandesh, which we Bengalis pronounce as sondesh, is a traditional and authentic sweet of Bengal. It was first invented by Bengali confectioners. Same as other Indian festivals, any Bengali festivals such as Durga Puja to Bhaiduj or Bhaiphonta are also incomplete without sweets and especially, bengali sondesh is one of them. It has a huge admirer among Bengalis, though nowadays it got its worldwide fame.

bengali misti shankh sondesh or indian shankha sandesh is ready to serve

Generally, in West Bengal two types of sondesh are popular for ages, i.e, norom paker sondesh, the other one is kora paker sondesh. And you know, Bengali norom paker sandesh is more popular among people than our kora paker sondesh. The nature of this Bengali sondesh depends on the timing of cooking, which means the recipe of norm(soft) paak will go through a very little cooking process that will make it soft. Whereas kora(hard) paak indicates a little more time to be cooked to make it a little hard.

As most of the people except Bengalis, love soft meat sondesh that’s why norom paker sandesh is popular among people outside West Bengal. Though nowadays, our bengali confectioners have invented different sandesh recipes, i.e, ice cream sondesh, strawberry sondesh, bhapa sondesh, rose sondesh, kesar sondesh and many more.

Here I gave it a conch(shankh in bengali) shape with a wooden conch shaped mould as bengalis love this shape, give it a shape of your choice. Even you can use any sondesh mould of your choice to make these bengali sweet. Shape it up with a mould or just make it like peda, that doesn’t matter only the taste matters, right?

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Try this authentic bengali misti or sweet, chanar sondesh recipe at home and let me know how this indian sankha sandesh recipe worked, did you really enjoy it or not, by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

Sandesh recipe – bengali sweet or misti sondesh

Prep time: 12 mins

Cook time: 7 mins

Served in:  1 hr 20 mins

Servings for: 8-9 people

Course: dessert / sweet

Cuisine: Bengali

Author: Moumita Paul

Ingredients of sondesh

  • 1 lit full-fat milk
  • 1 cup curd or tok doi( check my chenna recipe)
  • 10 tbsp powdered sugar
  • 1/2 tsp cardamom powder
  • 1 tsp rose water
  • 5-6 pistachios

How to make bengali sweet or misti sandesh recipe

How to make perfect chenna for making this sweet

  • First, take 1 cup curd (thin) or 3/4 cup thick curd in a bowl and beat or whisk it well with a fork or whisker to make a smooth and liquid form of it. Add 1/4 cup of water for the thick curd. And mix it well with the water.

milk and well beaten curd for making chenna for making this bengali sweet

  • Now, take a colander or strainer, fix it on the mouth of a medium bowl, put the cotton cloth or cheesecloth or muslin cloth on the colander.
  • Then take a medium saucepan, add 1 ltr whole cow milk or full-fat milk or full cream milk to it.
  • Place the pan on medium heat, when the milk will start to get boiling, turn off the heat.
  • Then stir the milk continuously for 15-20 times and add the well-beaten curd to it. And gently stir the milk to mix it well with the curd.

stir the milk after turn off the heat and then add curd to it for making chenna

  • When milk will start to curdle, you can see the water will start separating from the milk.
  • When you see a greenish whey or greenish water(as shown in the pic), then immediately pour the curdled milk into a colander lined with the cotton cloth or cheesecloth or muslin cloth(which we made it ready before).

milk is curdled and slight greenish whey is visible, so chenna or ricotta cheese will get separated from the whey by going through the strainer

  • Then gently stir the Chenna by adding  2-3 cups of water to stop its cooking process which will continuously go on if it’s hot enough.

adding water to the chenna to stop its cooking process for making bengali sandesh out of it

  • In this way, when the chenna reduces its heat, then take all the edges together(all the edges of cotton cloth) and make a pouch with it(as shown in the pic).
  • Then squeeze the mouth of this pouch(don’t squeeze or press the other parts of this pouch) to remove the greenish whey out of the chenna(as shown in the pic).

holding the chenna pouch from its mouth and squeeze to remove the whey out and to prepare the perfect chenna for this sweet

  • When the continuous flow of whey will get stopped and it will start dripping and only drops of whey will come out of the chenna, then stop squeezing.
  • Remove the all the edges of the cotton cloth and twist its edges from both sides. ( as shown in the pic). And then tightly make a knot with the twisted edges. (as shown in the pic).

twist the cotton clothe's edges from both sides and make a tight knot with the twisted edges to make a chenna pouch, this chenna will be used later for making this misti recipe

  • Now make a handle with the end portion of the edges(as shown in the pic). And then hang the pouch with its handle in a hook or mouth of the kitchen tap. (it shouldn’t keep in touch with water).

chenna pouch is hanging from the hook to remove the water and chenna will be get ready for making this recipe

  • Now it’s waiting time, hang it for 30 mins. And after 30 mins remove the cotton cloth to take out the soft perfect chenna from it.

soft perfect chenna or ricotta cheese is ready for making bengali sandesh misti recipe with it

  • If you don’t want to make chenna from curd then check my chenna recipe to make chenna with lemon and vinegar too.

How to make Bengali sandesh sweet

  • First, grind the sugar to make the powdered sugar. And then grind the cardamom to make a powder form of it.
  • Then sieve the powdered sugar to make it lump free. And sieve ground cardamom too to get a smooth powder out of it.
  • After 30 mins, place the chenna or ricotta cheese on a plate and start kneading it with your palm heel as shown in the pic.

 kneading the chenna or ricotta cheese with the palm heel for making the chenna smooth which is required for making this bengali sandesh recipe

  • keep kneading the chenna for 10 mins to make it soft.chenna or ricotta cheese is perfectly kneaded for making this sandesh misti recipe with it
  • Then take a pan, place chenna, powdered sugar and ground cardamom powder to it.

adding cardamom powder to well kneaded chenna and powdered sugar in the pan for making this sondesh recipe

  • Mix all the ingredients together well with a spatula.

 chenna, powdered sugar and cardamom powder mixing well altogether with a spatula to make sandesh sweet

  • Now lastly add rose water to it, mix it well with the chenna-powdered sugar- cardamom powder mix in the pan.

lastly adding 1 tsp rose water to the chenna- powdered sugar-cardamom powder mix in the pan for making this sondesh recipe

  • Now turn on the heat and keep the flame on its lowest mode. As high heat can quickly make the chenna crumbly.
  • Cook the chenna-powdered sugar-cardamom powder-rose water mix for 5 mins in the pan and stir it continuously while cooking.

cook the Chenna-powdered sugar-cardamom powder-rose water mix for 5 mins with continuous stirring for making sandesh misti recipe

  • After 5 mins turn off the heat and don’t remove the pan from the cooktop.
  • Here you can notice chenna is too soft and sticky too. And you can’t form this bengali sondesh out of it.
  • Now evenly spread the chenna in the pan and leave it for 10 mins.
  • After 10 mins chenna won’t be too soft and sticky. That means when chenna mixture will cool down it will start getting dry. So the chenna mix is quite dried up.

after 10 mins waiting, the chenna mix will be ready for making bengali sweet sondesh

  • If then also you feel the chenna mix is too moist or soft, then turn on the heat for one more time. And keep the flame on lowest mode as before.
  • Then cook it for another 2 mins and keep stirring it continuously. Just after 2 mins switch off the flame. And this time, remove the pan from the cooktop.
  • Spread the chenna evenly in the pan once again and leave it for another 10 mins.

after 2 mins cooking with continuous stirring and leaving it for next 10 mins the chenna mix is ready to give it a shape of bengali sondesh recipe

  • After 10 mins your chenna mix is ready to shape it up. Now divide the chenna mix into 8-9 lemon sized balls and may give it a shape of peda. Your peda shape sandesh sweet is ready.

take one lemon sized ball from the chenna mix and give it shape of peda, so peda shape sandesh sweet is ready

  • Take a plate, grease with little ghee and put all the sweets on it. Garnish this sweet with few sleeves of pistachios.
  • Now store it in the refrigerator for at least 1 hr, to get the sweet shop like firmness. But don’t store it for a long time, finish it in 2 days.
  • If you are using moulds, take the mould, grease its inner portion with little ghee first. And place a few sleeves of pistachios in the mould. As shown in the pic.

take the mould, grease its inner part with little ghee and place some pistachio sleeves for making bengali sondesh sweet

  • Then put one lemon sized ball in the mould. Slightly press it down to get that perfect shape of the moulds. And it will get the shape of the mould.

put one lemon sized chenna mix ball in mould and slightly press it down to get the shape of the bengali sandesh sweet

  •  Sondesh is ready. Refrigerate it for at least 1 hr for the exact firmness.

 sandesh misti is ready by using this recipe


  • While making this bengali sondesh sweet, time is the most important part to make this recipe perfect. If you cook it more than the exact time, it will get crumbly and can’t make it.
  •  As this sondesh is made of pure ingredients, it doesn’t get the exact firmness like a sweet shop from the beginning. Refrigerate it or simply keep it out for few hours to get that firmness.
  • For using mould, put sondesh moulds into the refined oil or ghee for about 24 hours before using it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the perfect shape of bengali sondesh.
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