stuffed mushroom cheesy bite recipe | baked stuffed mushroom recipe

stuffed mushroom cheesy bite recipe | baked stuffed mushroom recipe with step by step picture format. Whenever the word “appetizer” comes to our mind, it reminds us of its mouthwatering quick bite nature to enhance our hunger or appetite. And today’s appetizer stuffed Mushroom Cheesy Bite is able to create its magic over vegetarian to non-vegetarian people. Moreover, this stuffed mushroom appetizer recipe as simple as easy to make that you will be able to win others heart through this recipe. 

The main ingredient of my stuffed mushroom cheesy bite recipe is “mushroom”. At the same time, cheese is as important as mushroom for this  Stuffed Mushroom recipe. This recipe is overloaded by cheese from inside and outside in both ways. So its name stuffed mushroom cheesy bite justifies its appearance.

Stuffed Mushroom

As you can see, this simple stuffed mushroom recipe is mostly inspired by Italian culinary and I described it as part of Italian cuisine, few changes have been made by me too. To be very specific, my procedure of coating mushroom caps into butter might be different from the way Italians generally follow. And secondly, the use of coriander leaves does not allow me much, to relate this recipe with Italian version. Coriander is not much popular in Italian cuisine according to my knowledge. However, this baked stuffed mushroom recipe will surely leave a strong impression on you.

Being an Italian food lover, I love the original version of the stuffed mushroom recipe but I have made few changes in my version of stuffed mushroom from. And the reason is, I love to play with spices to create something new in taste. And fortunately, it worked so well, more than my expectation. Though, on the other hand, this vegetarian stuffed mushroom recipe is divine in taste, same as the original one. If you don’t like mushroom and a non- vegetarian like me, can also try my another starter recipes i.e,mochar chop or banana blossom cutlet recipe, Crispy fried chicken tenders recipeButter garlic prawns recipe | Prawns with garlic butter recipe, crispy batter fried prawns recipe.

stuffed mushroom cheesy bite recipe | baked stuffed mushroom recipe | how to make stuffed mushroom at home


•200 gms Button Mushroom

•1 medium size Onion (finely chopped)

•2 medium-size Garlic cloves(finely chopped)

•2-3 cubes Butter

•1 tsp Tomato ketchup

•1 tbsp Breadcrumbs

•2 tsp  Coriander leaves(finely chopped)

•1/2 tsp Oregano

• Grated mozzarella cheese (generous amount for cheese lovers)

•1/2 tsp Chilly flakes

• 1/2 tsp Black pepper powder

•1/4 tsp Salt 

Quick bite: Appetizer

cuisine: Italian

Prep time:20-25mins

cook time:20mins

Served in:40-45mins

Author: Moumita


1  Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius temperature.Meanwhile, grease the baking tray with a little amount butter.

2 Properly clean the mushroom with a wet tissue paper and lightly peel off the skin. To peel it off, gently rub the skin with a knife and the skin will easily come out.

3 Carefully take the stems out of it otherwise the mushroom caps might be broken. And then finely chopped the stems.

tossing mushroom caps in butter for stuffed mushroom

4 Take a pan over the medium-high flame, grease with little butter and toss all mushroom caps into it just for 20-30 sec(not more than 30 sec). Actually, we want to coat all mushroom caps into butter. Once the coating is done, take off the mushroom caps on a plate. Always try to remember, don’t sprinkle salt into it as mushroom has a tendency to quickly release water.

Preparation of stuffing for stuffed mushroom

5 Take the same pan, heat over the medium flame with the rest amount butter and add chopped mushroom stems. Let it fry slightly. Then add chopped onion and garlic (it will release water), fry until the moist slowdown. Next, add pepper, chilly flakes, coriander leaves and keep stirring. Now add tomato ketchup into it and cook it for sometime till the moisture go off. Now it is time to add oregano and salt into it. Mix it up nicely all together. The stuffing is ready now. Take it off the pan to spread over a plate and let it be cool for 5 mins.

 stuffed mushroom ready for stuffing

6 Take the mushroom tops one by one. First, fill it up with little amount mozzarella cheese and press it down slightly with your thumb finger. Then fill the rest portion of the mushroom caps with the mushroom stuffing. Sprinkle little amount of breadcrumbs on the top. Finally, add a generous amount of grated mozzarella cheese on the top.

 stuffed mushroom

7 Now shift the stuffed mushroom caps on the previously greased baking tray and it’s time to bake. Then bake it in preheated oven for 20 mins. Finally, take out the lip-smacking hot baked stuffed mushroom fully melted with cheese. And without wasting time have a nice cheesy bite. Trust me, it’s very hard to keep yourself away to taste this stuffed mushroom cheesy bite just after taking it out from your oven. Make this easy stuffed mushroom recipe, enjoy it and don’t forget to share your experience with me. Have a nice day.

 stuffed mushroom

Tip of the day

Here I have used coriander leaves as I love its flavor, If you wish, you can use basil instead of coriander.

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