ilish macher paturi recipe | how to make ilish paturi

ilish macher paturi or ilish paturi recipe with step by step pictures. Monsoon has already started everywhere in India, and we Bengalis are ready to relish our delicacy with Ilish. Though nowadays Ilish is almost available through the year, though Ilish in monsoon is renowned for its taste and aroma. Almost every Bengali, who loves fish, Ilish is at the top of their favorite fishes list. Among all the Ilish preparation I’ve already posted my Bhapa Ilish recipe and today, I’m going to post Ilish macher paturi or Ilish paturi recipe with step by step pictures.

ilish macher paturi plating

Ilish Paturi, an authentic Bengali delicacy which is originated in Bengal when Bengal has not been parted away into East Bengal(Bangladesh) and West Bengal(India). Whereas Ilish means Hilsa, Mach-er means it’s about the fish and Paturi means wrapped in a leaf. And it’s overall a preparation of Hilsa fish, well marinated in a mustard and coconut paste is wrapped up in a banana leaf and finish it up by steaming. This hilsa fish recipe is little time consuming but because of its awesomeness, always in high demand among Bengalis.

As you know about a famous Parsi dish, Patrani machchi where fish is prepared in a quite similar way like our Ilish macher paturi recipe, though banana leaf has to use in both recipes the ingredients are different. Food making process in a banana leaf is famous all over India because of its availability, medicinal properties and its good smell which is infused in the food.

This Ilish Macher Paturi, where the pieces of raw Ilish, are basically marinated in a fine paste of mustard seeds, fresh coconut, and green chilies. But Bengalis Ilish preparation is incomplete without mustard oil, so we need to add the generous amount of mustard oil at the time of marination.

Ingredients for ilish macher paturi

Ilish Macher  Paturi, won’t take a long time to be prepared. Only at the time of wrapping it up in the banana leaf is a little bit tricky. As the banana leaf is very delicate by its nature. But don’t worry, we Bengalis have a solution. We apply a little trick to use the banana leaf in an easy way to wrap the Ilish fish without tearing it.

Let’s start to prepare this Ilish macher paturi to enjoy it with the piping hot rice. I will recommend a piece of lemon( a piece of Gondhoraj lebu is highly recommended) with this ilish paturi. I first had a piece of lemon( gondhoraj lebu) with a hilsa fish recipe of bhojohori manna menu, was just awesome.

Are you searching for more hilsa recipes, then you may try my Doi ilish or Doi Shorshe ilish recipeBhapa Ilish or steamed hilsa recipe, Sorshe Ilish or Hilsha in a mustard paste gravy recipe.

Please, let me know how this Ilish paturi recipe works in your kitchen and leave a comment in the comment box below.

ilish macher paturi recipe | how to make ilish paturi


  • 6 pieces Ilish or Hilsa fish
  • 2 tbsp Black mustard seeds
  • 1 tbsp white mustard seeds
  • 1/2 cup grated coconut
  • 1/4 cup curd
  • 6-8 green chilies
  • 3 tbsp mustard oil
  • 2 tsp turmeric powder
  • salt (as required)
  • water (as required)

Prep time: 38 mins(including marination)

Cooking time: 12 mins

Served in: 50 mins

Cuisine: Bengali

Course: Lunch

Served for: 4-6 people

Author: Moumita


  • First, wash the fish pieces with water and drain the water. Then sprinkle salt and turmeric powder over it. And mix it well as both sides of each piece get a nice coat. Keep it aside.

fish with salt and turmeric for ilish macher paturi

  • Take a small blender jar, put the black and white mustard seeds, 3-4 green chilies and 1 tsp salt in it. And a little water to make a smooth paste. Keep the mustard paste aside.
  •  Wash the same blender jar with some water, then add grated coconut, curd, and 3-4 green chilies and nicely blend it to make a smooth paste. You can add little water if required while blending.

ingredients of mustard and coconut paste for ilish macher paturi

  • Take a mixing bowl, add mustard-green chili paste, coconut-curd-green chili paste, turmeric powder, mustard oil and salt(as required) and mix it together. If the consistency of this mix is too thick then add little water to make the right consistency(as shown in the pic).
  •  Add the fish into the mixed paste and coat each piece nicely with the mixed paste and cover the bowl. We will marinate the fish(hilsa fish or ilish fish) in it for 30 mins.

marinated ilish for ilish macher paturi

  • In the meantime, take the banana leaves, wash it both sides thoroughly with fresh water and then wipe it with a paper towel.

banana leaf after washing and wipeing for ilish macher paturi

  • Now use a scissor or knife to remove its stem from the leaf. And cut the leaf into required size as we can easily wrap it up to make a packet with banana leaf.

cutting of banana leaves with scissors for ilish macher paturi

  • Turn on the heat to slightly roast the banana leaves(the Bengali trick to use the banana leaf for this preparation) from both sides. But don’t keep the leaves in the fire for a long time or else leaves will get burn.

roasted banana leaves with thread for ilish macher paturi

  • Arrange some cotton thread to tie up the packet of banana leaf for this Ilish macher paturi.
  • After 30 mins, take each piece of leaf and put 2 tsp paste(which we have used for marination) on it. Then add a piece of fish on it and add 1or 2 more tsp paste on the top. Add a green chili from the top and wrap it up to make a packet. The packet must be so perfect that the paste won’t be able to come out in any way from it.

making the fish with mustard and green chilli for ilish macher paturi

  • then take the cotton thread to tie it up nicely to secure the packet from dripping.

the packet of banana leaf for ilish macher paturi

  • Heat a pan or skillet on medium heat, when the pan gets hot add 1 tbsp mustard oil to it and spread it all over the pan or skillet with a spatula.
  • Add 4-5 packets in the pan as per the size of the pan and slow down the flame to low heat and cover it with a lid.

 packet of fish in the pan with cover for ilish macher paturi

  • After 6 minutes turn over the packet and cover it once again. Wait for 6 more minutes to perfectly cook the Ilish macher paturi from both sides.

turn over the next side of the packet of fish for ilish macher paturi

  • When all the packets are ready then turn off the heat. And then serve this hot Ilish macher paturi with sizzling hot rice.

ilish macher paturi plating with sizzling hot rice

  •  Mustard has a tendency to get bitter in taste while blending it. So blend it carefully with some salt to make a perfect mustard paste.
  • Marination of Ilish or Hilsa will make it tender and juicy.
  • At the time of blending spices and making of the marination paste, add water as per your requirement. We need a medium thick consistency. So don’t add much water that will make the marination watery and won’t be able to wrap it up properly.
  • Curd will make the fish tender and juicy but curd has a tendency to release water. So use a limited amount of water.
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ilish macher paturi recipe | how to make ilish paturi
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