aam panna recipe – bengali kacha aam er sorbot/ Bengali aam pora’r shorbot recipe

Aam panna is one of my favorite drinks, delicious & best for stomach nourishment in this sweating Indian summer. Basically, a raw mango drink(sorbot in India) prepared with unripened green mangoes, mint, sugar/jaggery, roasted spices & black salt. Bengali name is aam er pana(আমের পানা) or kacha aam er sorbot or even aam pora’r shorbot(prepared with roasted mangoes). Popular as kairi panha in Marathi or kacche keri ke sharbat in Hindi. An easy-to-make drink just prepared in 20-25 minutes. Get some ice cubes splash in its serving glass to have a perfect cooling kick. Best to have after lunch to beat the intense heat of summer & make yourself refreshed.

About aam panna recipe

For making aam panna, boiled or roasted raw mango pulp is blended with sugar, water, roasted cumin, red chilli, black pepper, black salt, chaat masala, ice cubes, and a generous amount of mint leaves goes in this drink. And the combined addition of roasted ground spices, black salt, and chaat masala makes this juice delicious as well as refreshing.

Mango panna is a healthy and tasty Indian beverage that has heat-resistant properties. It will not only cool down your body heat but also help you to get hydrated during the summer.

aam panna drink is served in a glass mason jar(with handle & red straw) with ice cubes garnished with a stirrer pricked raw mango slices & mint(pudina), a white bowl full of mint leaves, raw green mango, few melted ice cubes & mint leaves are scattered over the wooden table background

Few More Health Benefits of aam panna 

Aam panna has several health benefits: This drink helps the liver function better, good digestion, helps to improve a poor appetite, prevents sunstroke, reduces constipation, loss of weight, and many more.

Mint is also beneficial as raw mango: a great aid for upset stomach or indigestion, preventing gastric ulcers, used as a pain relief substance, a refreshing element too.

So when we make this drink with raw mango and mint(leaves) together, it works beneficial for our health.

Try this recipe at home and please write down your valuable feedback about this drink in the comment section below.

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Aam panna recipe – bengali kacha aam er sorbot/ Bengali aam pora’r shorbot recipe


  •  2 medium(=500g) raw Mango/green mango
  • A handful of fresh Mint leaves or Pudina
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1&1/2 tsp roasted Ground Spice
  • 1&1/2 tsp Black Salt powder
  • 1 tsp Salt(as required)
  • 1&1/2 tsp Chaat masala
  • Water (as per required)
  • Ice cubes(optional)

Roasted Spices for aam panna

  • 1&1/2 tsp Cumin seeds
  • 1 dry Red chilli(optional)
  • 5-6 Whole black pepper

Prep time: 5 mins

Cook time: 15-20 mins

Served in: 20-25 mins

Served for: 6 people

Cuisine: Indian

Course: Beverage

Author: Moumita Paul


How to make aam panna with step by step pictures

First step – Boil mangoes

  • First, wash and clean the mangoes thoroughly. Peel out its skin and cut them into slices.

raw mango slices & mint or pudina leaves are kept in a white bowl

  • Put all mango slices in the pressure cooker. Add enough water as the slices should sink into the water. Now add 1 tbsp salt into it.
  • Place the cooker on a high flame and wait for 3-4 whistles. Then turn off the gas and let it cool down automatically. 
  • When the pressure cooker automatically cools down & releases the pressure, open the lid and strain the mangoes through a strainer.

perfectly boiled soft & juicy raw mango slices

Second step – Making roasted spices

  • While boiling the mangoes in one gas oven, place a pan in another oven to dry roast the 1&1/2 tsp, cumin seeds, 5-6 whole black pepper, and 1 dry red chili.
  • Slightly cool down the roasted spices and ground them with the help of a mortar & pestle or a small grinder jar to get a fine powder.ground dry roasted spices in mortar & pestle and in the grinder jar with boiled soft & juicy raw mango slices and mint leaves

Third Step – Preparing aam panna

  • Take a blender jar, first, pour boiled raw mangoes & mint(pudina) leaves.

boiled soft raw mango slices and mint leaves in blender jar

  • Add ground roasted spices, 1&1/2 tsp black salt, and 1&1/2 tsp chaat masala to the Blender. As shown in the pics.

also added black salt and chaat masala to the blender

  •  Add 3/4 cup sugar and then 1/4 cup chilled water and blend it nicely. Even add the water used for boiling mangoes and a few ice cubes later. And you can again blend it together.

adding raw granulated sugar & chilled water in blender with other ingredients

  •  This mango panna is too thick, add more water, and again blend it well to get the desired consistency. You can even add some more sugar if the drink is still tangy in taste.

after blending well thick aam ka panna or aam panna concentrate is ready

  • Aam Panna is ready. Serve it chilled with a few more cubes. If you wish, can sprinkle a little amount of roasted cumin-red chilli-black pepper powder on the top of this mango drink. And garnish it with mint leaves.

Method of making aam panna concentrate

  • 1st step- For making aam panna concentrate, first, Boil the skin out of sliced mangoes in the pressure cooker. Let the pressure cooker completely cool down and release the pressure automatically.
  •  2nd step- Strain the boiled mangoes through a strainer.
  •  3rd step- Now take a blender to blend the boiled mangoes into a smooth paste or puree. Don’t add any water to it. Now, the aam panna concentrate is ready.
  • 4th step- Pour that concentrate into an airtight glass jar or container, and refrigerate it for 3-4 days.
  • If you want to take a sip of your homemade mango panna, take out that concentrate from the refrigerator.
  • Take the required amount of concentrate in a blender with all the other ingredients which are mentioned above.
  • Then serve this drink with ice cubes & roasted spices and enjoy.

 Bengali aam pora’r shorbot recipe:

  • 1st step – For making bengali aam pora’r shorbot(sharbat), you don’t need to peel off the mangoes’ skin. You should wash and clean the mangoes and pat the mangoes dry with a kitchen towel.
  • 2nd step – Now place the mangoes on the direct flame (slow flame). Gradually, let the skin burn.  When one side turned black in color, turn the mango with the help of a thong. Wait till the other side gets done in the same way.
  • 3rd step – Once the mango totally roasted up, remove it from the flame and cool it down.
  • 4th Step – After cooling down takes its skin off. Take all the pulp out by squeezing the roasted mangoes using your hand.
  • 5th step – Follow the same instructions used to prepare the above aam panna recipe. 
  •  Bengali aam pora’r shorbot aka aam er pana is ready, serve it with ice cubes and sprinkling roasted spices, enjoy the drink.


  • Sometimes the water which we use for boiling the raw mangoes tastes slightly bitter after boiling the mangoes in it. Before adding that water to the blender, should taste it, it can ruin the taste of this drink.
  • Here I have used whole red chili for making the roasted spices. You may skip using red chilli. You may add it if you love to relish the spicy version of this juice. That’s not essential, adding red chili is totally up to you.

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  1. Beautiful Tips and techniques of preparing Aam Panna. Your Recipe is one of its kind and can add to a different taste. Aam Panna is loved by everyone in my family. Therefore I have saved your recipe to make it in this summers and share happiness and blessing to stay healthy to everyone. Thanks for sharing Bengali tips and tricks to add a new shade to the same blind.


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