sabji diye bengali bhaja muger dal recipe

Sabji diye bengali bhaja muger dal recipe

Sabji diye Bengali bhaja muger dal recipe with step by step detailed pictures. Sabji diye bhaja muger dal is actually a bengali style moong dal preparation with some sorted veggies. Dry roasted split golden yellow moong dalĀ is called bhaja muger dal in our Bengali language and this recipe is traditionally connected with our Bengali cuisine. […]

Kacha Golla – a delicious Bengali Sandesh recipe

Kacha Golla recipe step by step with pictures – it is a delicious bengali sandesh popular in Kolkata aka West Bengal. Kancha golla is also popular as Pranhara sweet too, mainly in Bangladesh. It is basically made of fresh chenna, condensed milk, and sugar with a light cardamom flavor. Though for making kacha golla, fresh […]

chicken korma recipe

Chicken korma recipe | shahi chicken korma curry

Chicken korma recipe or shahi chicken korma curry recipe with step by step pictures. Basically, Korma is an authentic Muslim preparation where meat or vegetables are slow-cooked in a creamy yogurt-cashew paste gravy. Chicken korma is one of them where chicken is first well marinated in yogurt & few Indian spices, a little fried in […]