Momo chutney recipe | Momo sauce recipe | red chutney for momos

Momo chutney is a mouth-watering spicy red chutney that must serve with momos as the dipping sauce of these dumplings. Momo chutney is basically a tomato chili garlic dip is common in every street-side momos stall. Even the same dip is served with veg and nonveg momos.

Momo without momo chutney does not taste good, right? That does not mean, Momo’s taste depends on momo chutney, but surely this chutney enhances the taste of momos. Whether the momos are steamed or fried or baked must not taste wow without this momo dip. As even regular tomato ketchup will also spoil the taste of momos if you replace it with that spicy momo sauce. Don’t worry you don’t need to compromise your taste. For that, just follow my simple and easy step-by-step recipe described below.

momos are dipping in this spicy momo chutney in this picture

As Tibet or Nepal is considered to be the birthplace of momos so its chutney or sauce must be their own creation I guess. That’s why I never use soya sauce or any other Chinese sauces for making this chutney. Even this chutney has some similarities with Chinese schezwan sauce, mostly for having the same spiciness.

Momos chutney is basically prepared with very simple ingredients like tomato, red chili, garlic cloves, and a little ginger. As those ingredients are easily available at every home, so it is not hard to make by following my recipe. Just spend your few minutes making it ready, and then enjoy it with veg or nonveg momos.

As you may check my Veg Momos recipe and Chicken Momos recipe to serve it with this spicy tomato chutney. 

Must try this momo chutney or momo sauce at home and let me know your valuable feedback about this recipe in the comment section below.

Momo chutney recipe | Momo sauce recipe | Red chutney for momos


  • 152 g Tomatoes
  • 10 Dry Red Chilies
  • 1 tbsp Vinegar
  • Ginger(a small piece)
  • 8 Garlic cloves
  • 2 cups of Water
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1 tbsp Vegetable oil/Refined oil
  • 1/2 cup of hot water

Prep time: 5 mins

Cooking time: 20 mins

Served in: 25 mins

Served for: 8 people

Course:  Chutney / Sauce 

Cuisine: Tibetan/Nepali

Author: Moumita Paul

How to make momo chutney recipe with step by step pictures


  • Wash two tomatoes(weighs about 152g) and 10 dry red chilies, and make some slits on the tomatoes.
  • Then put it in a vessel with 2 cups of water(about 475 ml) and boil it.
 tomato and chilli is boiling in water for making momo chutney
  • While the water starts boiling then add 1 tbsp of vinegar to it. Vinegar will remove the raw smell of tomatoes and retain the red color of this momo dip.
adding vinegar with this boiling water contains red chillies and tomatoes
  • After about 10 mins boil in water when the tomato skins are starting to remove then turn off the heat. 
  • Strain it immediately from the water and make it completely cool down. Once it cools down remove the tomato skin and chopped it down.
boiled peeled chopped tomatoes with red chilli kept on steel plate
  • Take a blender jar, add the chopped tomatoes, red chilies, 8 garlic cloves, a small piece of ginger, and 1/2 tsp of salt in it. Blend it nicely to get a smooth puree out of it.
blanched tomato, red chilli, garlic, ginger and salt are in the blender jar for making a smooth tomato puree
  • Then place a pan on a slow to medium flame, add 1 tbsp oil to the pan, and heat it up. Then add the puree to the pan.
blended puree is added to the pan for preparing momo chutney recipe or momos dipping sauce recipe or red chilli garlic chutney for momos
  • Let the sauce boil and stir it frequently to prevent it from burning. Cook this sauce until the water is almost dry off and the sauce reaches a thick consistency(as shown in the pic).
get almost a thick consistency of this tibetan style momo chutney
  • Then add about 1/2 cup(about 120ml) of hot water to it and stir it well. Boil it again till the sauce gets a little thickness(not at running consistency) then turn off the flame as momo chutney is ready. Serve this homemade spicy red chutney with any variety of momos.
spicy momo chutney is ready to serve with veg momos or chicken momos


  • When finally the sauce is ready then you may add a little salt if required.
  • Actually, I first sautéed the puree in little oil and then dry it up to remove the raw smell of spices and tomatoes. And when the raw smell goes off then boil the sauce by adding water to get the exact street style momos corner-like taste.
  • Don’t make the sauce too thick then you can not enjoy it as dipping.

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  1. That was an awsome recepie.. made it jus few min back, i had it with momos n it tastes yum with dosa too.. thanks a lot for this simple yet yummy recepie


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