Mango lassi recipe ( Easy & Best)

Mango lassi recipe – Easy-to-make best street style Mango lassi recipe just in 10 mins – with step-by-step detailed pictures. Mango lassi is a very delicious, sweet, thick & creamy Indian mango yogurt drink. This mango drink is made with thick chilled curd/unflavoured yogurt, mango pulp(can use mango cubes too), sugar & rose water. Garnish with grated khoya/mawa(though that is optional), malai, chopped dry fruits, and a pinch of saffron. Khoya and malai in garnishing are followed by Kolkata’s popular streetside mango lassi shops. To get a great result with shahi taste.

Mango lassi recipe is served in 2 glasses garnished with malai, grated khoya, chopped almond & pistachio & few strands of saffron

Mango lassi is quite similar in thickness to one more mango yogurt drink smoothie. However, different because of its sweet taste & flavors(with rose water and even with cardamom or elaichi powder) compared to a smoothie. Even garnishing with a dollop of malai(cream of milk), chopped almonds, pistachios, and saffron strands also make it different from smoothies.

Except for ripe mangoes, curd/yogurt makes our stomachs cool so ideal for this intense hot summer. Chilled yogurt and ice cubes make this drink the coolest. Malai(milk cream) in garnishing makes it more creamy & delicious and keeps its Punjabi taste intact as well. Rosewater just enhances the flavor of this drink without spoiling the original mango flavor. However, if you don’t feel so, you may skip this step.

Do you want to make a sugar-free yet delicious Mango lassi? Then I suggest using original honey or simply use more sweetened mango pulp and fresh yogurt(not a sour one). Though honey has its own flavor that may not goes with the lassi flavour.

Let’s see how easy to make this Kolkata street-style delicious mango lassi recipe at home. I hope my step-by-step detailed recipe will help you do it perfectly.

Mango lassi recipe (Easy & Best)

Prep time: 10 mins

Total time: 10 mins

Course: Beverage / Drink

Cuisine: Punjabi / Indian

Servings: 4 glasses

Author: Moumita Paul


2 cups(500 ml) Curd/Unflavoured Yogurt

2 cups Mango cubes(from ≈500g mangoes)

7-8 tbsp Sugar

15-16 pcs Ice cubes

2 drops Rose essence(1/2 tsp Rose water)

4 tbsp Malai(Milk cream)

1/4 tsp chopped Pistachio(for each glass)

1/2 tsp chopped Almond(for each glass)

1+1/2 tsp Grated khoya(for each glass)

A pinch of saffron(Optional)

How to make mango lassi recipe (with step-by-step detailed pictures)


  • First, take the mangoes(≈ 500 g mangoes), peel them out and cut them into cubes, keep them in the freezer for 10 mins. Though the idea of keeping mango cubes in the freezer is optional.
  • After, 10 mins, take out the mangoes from the freezer.
  • Then take a blender or mixer jar, and pour the mango cubes into it.
  • Blend it well and turn it into a thick pulp, as shown in the pic.
Blending mango cubes for making mango lassi
  • Next, add 2 cups(≈ 500ml) chilled curd or unflavoured yogurt(homemade/store-bought)/greek yoghurt in the same blender over the mango pulp. 
curd added with mango pulp
  • Then add sugar((≈ 7- 8 tbsp) and 2 drops of rose essence to it. Even you may use 1/2 tsp rose water instead of rose essence (though optional).
adding sugar & rose essence
  • Blend it for a few mins(≈1-2 mins), until completely melts down the sugar.
Mango lassi ready
  • Lastly, add 15-16 ice cubes to the blender and blend it well for 30-40 secs to make it more chilled.
Blend mango lassi with ice cubes
  • Street style delicious Mango lassi is ready, pour it into the glasses.
Pouring chillied mango lassi in glass
  • Then add 1 tbsp milk cream or malai on top of each glass of mango lassi.
adding malai on top
  • Then add 1+1/2 tsp grated khoya(homemade/store-bought) to each glass from the top, though optional.
Garnish with grated khoya
  • Lastly, garnish each glass of lassi with 1/2 tsp chopped almonds and 1/4 tsp pistachios and a sprinkle of a few strands of saffron(optional), and serve.
garnish with chopped almond and pistachios

Try this recipe at home. And please let me know valuable feedback by writing it down in the comment section below.

Tips about this recipe

  • Instead of using fresh mango pulp, you may use any kind of sweet and ripe mangoes or canned mangoes, or mango puree in it.
  • Even you may use 1/4 tsp of cardamom powder in it if you prefer the flavor. I don’t add it as I believe the essence of cardamom is not suitable for this drink.
  • If you are not searching for the thick version of this mango drink, may add 1.5 cups of chilled milk or chilled water to it. 
  • Always use the sugar quantities as per the sourness of curd and sweetness of mangoes. Sugar quantities may increase or decrease as per your taste.

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