Lassi recipe | Punjabi style sweet lassi recipe

Lassi recipe – Try this sweet punjabi lassi at home with step-by-step pictures. Lassi is a sweet yogurt drink, mainly prepared by blending thick curd or yogurt & sugar. Originated in Punjab and became one of the most popular refreshing drinks to have in Indian summer. During the hottest summer days having a glass of lassi can easily cool down our body heat. That is why mostly Punjab and North Indian states are famous for making this drink at home for their regular diet.

Don’t think, lassi recipe is only made with sugar. Though this sweet lassi is most popular for its simple yet great taste. However, salted lassi is also a very popular yogurt drink in India. Even salt can be replaced with sugar to reduce more calorie intake. Though except plain salt and sugar versions, fresh fruits, dry fruits, rose, saffron or cardamom flavored lassis are very popular in India.

Lassi is considered a traditional drink of Punjab. That’s the reason this drink is commonly prepared in every Punjabi house(with sugar & salt). They mostly serve a glass of lassi after a heavy breakfast and lunch. Even as per their tradition, a special Patiala glass(tall steel glass) is used to serve this drink by adding a generous amount of malai or cream on its top.

Traditional lassi is basically made with yogurt or thick curd and sugar. As water is not added in a traditional recipe so it is quite thick and heavy. That lassi is as heavy that it is not easy to digest. So I make it little light by adding a few ice cubes with yogurt and sugar. Though ice makes it light but tastes the same as the traditional recipe. Even to make more similarities I also add lots of malai on the top of this drink. However to make its thick consistency, instead of ice cubes you may add chilled milk too.

sweet punjabi lassi is served in tall earthen glass with malai, almond pistachio sleeves on top

Originally in Punjab and its surroundings, curd or yogurt and sugar are kept in an earthen matka or steel pot, and a wooden churner(called madani) is used to churn the mixture to prepare this drink. That is the traditional way of making lassi. That wooden churner “madani” is best to churn the yogurt-sugar mixture more than an electric blender or mixer does.

I’ve seen famous Kolkata lassi shops also use the same steel matka and a wooden churner method for making this drink. As I can not do this as such matka is not available at my home. So I make it in a wide-mouth glass bowl.

I use both madani and whisker for making this drink. But I don’t make my lassi in the blender jar. Because I feel lassi loses its original consistency in the blender. So if you are not in a hurry and want to have original lassi shop-like taste, so must use the wooden churner method at home. Then serve it in an earthen glass or tall steel glass and garnish it with kesar or saffron and dry fruits like badam and pista.

Though I’ve not added any flavor to this drink, you can add rose or cardamom flavor too. You can use either rose flavor or dry rose petals & cardamom seeds. Must crush the rose petals or cardamom seeds before adding them to this drink. Even in the tips section, I discussed how to use rose water in lassi. Even in its tips section, I’ve also explained how to make the plain version of this drink.

To beat the heat of this hottest summer, surely make this drink at home. Let me know your valuable feedback about this recipe in the comment section below.

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Lassi recipe | Punjabi style sweet lassi recipe

Prep time: 10 mins

Total time: 10 mins

Course: Beverage / Drink

Cuisine: Punjabi

Served for: 2 people

Author: Moumita paul


  • 2 cups thick curd or yogurt (500 ml)
  • 7 tbsp powdered sugar
  • 12 ice cubes
  • 4 tbsp malai
  • almond and pistachio slivers
  • kesar or saffron strands (for garnishing)

Kitchen tools required

  • wooden churner or mathni(in hindi)
  • whisker
  • or hand blender
  • or blender jar

How to make lassi recipe

Instruction with step by step pictures


  • Take the fresh chilled curd or yogurt or dahi or doi, it can be prepared at home or store-bought.
chilled homemade curd or yogurt the main ingredient for making lassi
  • It’s my homemade curd with malai on its top. So I first collect the malai or cream from its top and keep it aside. To know how to make malai, see the tips section at last.
separating malai from curd or yogurt(also named doi or dahi) for preparing doi lassi recipe
  • After collecting the malai or cream from the yogurt or milk keep it in a bowl. Then place it to the refrigerator to serve it chilled with this chilled drink.
malai or fresh milk cream is collected from yogurt
  • Now, you can see the yogurt, thick curd or dahi is ready for making this recipe.
thick yogurt is ready to make traditional lassi recipe

Equipments required

Here, I have shown three different tools for making this recipe. The wooden churner or madani, hand whisker, and a blender jar. Even you can use the hand blender too.

Though I have used the wooden churner or madani and hand whisker.

these are kitchen tools electric mixer blender, whisker, madani or mathni or wooden churner to make lassi

How To Make Lassi

Now take a large mixing bowl, add 2 cups of dahi to the bowl.

yogurt is kept in the wide glass bowl for making this drink lassi which is also called lacchi recipe in bengali
  • Then add 7 tbsp powdered sugar to it. I’ve added the sugar as per my requirement, you may increase or decrease as per your sweet tooth. Though you may granulated sugar too.
making meethi lassi with yogurt and powdered sugar
  • Now, take the whisker, and start whisking to completely melt the powdered sugar into the dahi. And with the help of this simple trick, you don’t need to put the whole amount of powdered sugar at a time. Rather after adding each spoon whisk it and melt it down, then check its sweetness. And when you feel the sweetness is perfect, stop adding the sugar.
whisking the curd to melt down the sugar in it
  • Once you realize the sweetness is perfect for you, then add 12 cubes of ice and mix it well.
ice cubes are added to make a chilled lassi
  • Now place the wooden churner or hand whisker into the dahi or yogurt(as shown in the pic). And then hold it with the help of your both palm and churn it well. Even you may use the hand blender as well.
churning the yogurt with whisker or wooden churner for making original punjabi style lassi
  • After 3-4 mins of churning, you can see froth started to appear on the top of this drink. As shown in the pic.
froth appears on the top of this traditional lassi recipe
  • Here I applied one more trick to get the huge froth on the top. And the trick is, place the Wooden churner or Madani just on its surface. (As shown in the pic). And churn it well for 2-3 more mins.
Place the churner on the top surface of lassi for making more froth on this Indian yogurt drink
  • Now, see huge froth is visible on the top of this drink.
froth like amritsari street lassi shops' style lassi
  • Then pour it into the glasses, I served this drink in earthen glasses, you may serve it in a special Patiala glass or in tall steel glasses.
after pouring the sweet lassi in an tall earthen glass
  • Now take out the chilled milk cream or malai from the refrigerator and add 2 tbsp of malai on the top of each glass.
adding malai or milk cream on the top of this street style punjabi sweet lassi
  • Lastly, garnish the lassi with few strands of kesar or saffron, few slivers of almond and pistachios. Serve it chilled. 
garnish this sweet punjabi lassi with almond badam, pistachio and few strands of saffron or kesar


  • Must use full-fat milk or full cream milk, to get malai from milk or curd. First, boil the milk for few mins, make it thick, let the cream accumulated on the surface of the milk, cool it down, directly use it for making curd, or keep it in the refrigerator for at least 4-5 hours. Later collect the cream from the top of the milk or curd.
  • If you want to make plain lassi, then add 1 or 1 1/2 cup of chilled milk or chilled water to it. Churn it well. Then lastly add 5-6 cubes of ice cubes while serving. The rest of the procedure and ingredients will be the same, as mentioned above.
  • If you don’t have madani, whisker, or hand blender. Then you make it in a blender or a mixer jar. Blend it for 2-3 mins on the high speed of your blender at the beginning till the sugar completely melts down. Then add the ice cubes to it and blend it for a few seconds at the same speed. Lastly, pour this drink in the glass from the top to make more froth in the glass.
  • If you prefer rose water in this drink, then only add 1-2 drops of rose essence(don’t add more as it is concentrated) or add 1 tsp of rose water to it. Don’t add more rose essence or rose water to it, the drink might get bitter in taste. I don’t add cardamom powder to it, you may add it as per your requirement.  
  • If you are on a special diet for weight loss or having diabetes, but love to have this drink, then replace the sugar with honey or coconut sugar or jaggery too. 

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