Kolkata street style special Bengali jhal muri or masala muri recipe

What is Jhal muri recipe?Jhal muri” is the most popular street food of Kolkata means means “Spicy Puffed Rice Chaat“. In Bengali language “Jhal” means “Spicy” in English and Muri is known as Puffed rice in English language. This is prepared with crunchy puffed rice mixed up with different savory Indian snacks and special spices. Jhalmuri is a popular evening snacks in Kolkata and in street-side stalls, this food is served in a paper packet with whole green chilli and a slice of coconut.

Though jhal muri originated in Bengali streets, however, this street food is similarly made in Odisha and Bangladesh. Even due to its popularity our neighboring states of West Bengal, like Bihar and Orissa also fall in love with this Bengali puffed rice chaat. As a result, you might have seen, in Kolkata, many Bihari vendors are selling bengali jhal muri along with their famous bhel puri chaat. 

Not only crunchy puffed rice even a perfect ratio of different spicy snack mixtures are equally important for making this recipe scrumptious. Like chana chur/namkeen mixture, Chola bhaja/ dry roasted chickpeas, aloo bhujia or jhuri bhaja, badam bhaja/ dry roasted peanuts. Even a few fresh and healthy ingredients like sprouted kala chana, boiled potatoes, white peas, finely chopped cucumber, onion, and tomatoes are also added making this recipe. Most importantly jhalmuri’r masala, Bengali mustard sauce or kasundi, a sprinkle of lemon juice, and a drizzle of pungent mustard oil are must-used ingredients for making its authentic taste.

Why jhal muri recipe is also called masala muri(moshla muri) recipe? Masala (moshla in Bengali) means spices and a few special spices are used in jhal muri to make it spicy. That is why in Kolkata, it is called masala muri rather moshla muri too.

kolkata special bengali jhal muri recipe

Puffed rice has different names in different Indian states such as muri, mudhi, murmura, or pori. So except Kolkata, people from different Indian states can also make jhal muri at their home with their own version of puffed rice.

Since my childhood, I am a great fan of muri which is the reason I love any kind of muri aka puffed rice recipe including jhal muri. Being a Bengali and moreover a muri lover, after coming to Bangalore, I have tasted Karnataka’s special churmuri too. That also tastes great. Even these 2 recipes look quite similar. But do not try to find similarities between churmuri with bengali jhal muri, total disappointment.

Though jhal muri was invented in Kolkata(rather Calcutta), means doubtful about its creation time before or after the partition of Bengal in colonial years or after that. However, the birthplace of this spicy muri was Kolkata aka West Bengal streets or belongs to footpaths during the olden days of Calcutta. But its popularity spreads all over the world. Such as, to retain our nostalgia for jhal muri, a few well-known Bengali restaurants were making this street food on their menu as evening snacks. Such as when 6 Ballygunj Place was in Bangalore, would serve jhal muri through their light evening snacks counter, Gupshup.

Being a Bengali and a resident of south 24 Parganas, more than jhal muri, this street food is acquainted with us as moshla muri rather masala muri. You have heard it right, it’s moshla muri, not masala muri as we Bengali always pronounce masala as moshla in our local language. You will get a clear idea about it if you ever visit Sealdah South Railway Station located in Kolkata. There you may find many moshla muri stalls around. The best part of their jhal muri recipe is a special flavourful masala, kasundi, or bengali mustard sauce, all stirred up with a wooden or steel ladle and served with a slice of coconut on its top. Adding coconut adds an extra touch to this recipe.

ingredients for kolkata special bengali jhal muri or masala muri or jhal deoa masala moori

I have personal experience of seeing how they prepare jhal muri aka moshla muri. As these are open stalls so there is nothing to hide. So which ingredients they are using and in what quantity, all you can see. Only the powdered masala they are using is the secret ingredient of their recipe. And whatever namkeen you are adding is not enough to get that kolkata street style taste if that special jhal muri masala is missing. 

Actually, that special masala is one of the most important ingredients for making an authentic street style jhal muri. That powdered masala is nothing but a special Bengali bhaja moshla which is actually made of a few dry roasted whole spices such as cumin, coriander, fennel, dry red chilli and bay leaf. The perfect ratio of all of these ingredients makes the same masala in your kitchen to create that exact street style flavor.

Being a muri lover, I often prepare different puffed rice recipes at home and my favourite jhal muri come first on that list. That is the reason behind sharing this jhal muri recipe on my blog. 

Try this street style Bengali puffed rice snack at home and let me know your valuable feedback by writing it down in the comment section below. Even you may ask any question to me regarding this recipe.

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Kolkata street style special Bengali jhal muri or masala muri recipe

Prep time: 20 mins

Served in: 25 mins

Total no. of servings: 3 people

Course: evening snacks

Cuisine: Bengali

Author: Moumita Paul

Ingredients of Kolkata Jhal muri recipe

  • 3-4 cups of muchmuche muri/ crunchy puffed rice
  • 2 tsp jhal murir masala
  • 2 tbsp chola bhaja/ roasted chana
  • 3 tbsp sprouted chana/ ankurito chola
  • 2 tbsp boiled potatoes/sedhdho aloo
  • 2 tsp chopped tomatoes
  • 2-3 chopped green chillies/kancha lonka
  • 2 tbsp chopped cucumber/kuchano sosha
  • 2-3 tbsp jhal chanachur/spicy namkeen mixture
  • 2 tbsp papri chanachur/papdi namkeen
  • 2-3 tbsp aloo bhujia or sev or Jhuri bhaja
  • 3 tbsp badam bhaja or roasted peanuts
  • 1/2 lemon juice/lebur ros
  • 1/4 tsp black salt/bitlobon/bitnun
  • 1/4 tsp salt/safed namak/nun
  • 1 tsp kasundi/ bengali mustard sauce
  • 3/4 tsp aam tel/ achar oil
  • 1 tsp mustard oil/ sorsher tel
  • a handful of coriander leaves/dhone pata
  • 1 1/2 tbsp boiled white peas/sidhdho motor korai
  • 1 tsp finely chopped ginger/ kuchano ada
  • 3 tbsp finely chopped onion/ kuchano peyaj
  • few coconut slices/ narkel er phali

Bhaja masala for jhal muri recipe

  • 1 tsp cumin seeds/gota jeere
  • 1 tsp coriander seeds/gota dhone
  • 2-3 red chillies/shukno lanka
  • 1 tsp fennel seeds/gota mouri
  • 1 bay leaf/tej pata

How to make kolkata street style special bengali jhal muri with step by step pictures


Making jhalmuri’r masala

  • Take a pan with 1 tsp whole cumin seeds(gota jeere), 1 tsp whole coriander seeds( Dhanya seeds or gota dhone), 1 tsp whole saunf( fennel seeds or gota mouri), 3 red chilies(shukhno lonka), and 1 bay leaf(taj pata).
roasting whole spices in the pan for making kolkata special bengali jhal muri
  • Put the pan on the low heat of the stovetop, and dry roast the masala for 2-3 minutes, or till the aroma of dry roasted spices comes out from the spices. Remove the spices from the pan and let it cool down.
kolkata special bengali jhal muri'r bhaja moshla is ready
  • Once the spices cool down, ground it into a finely powdered masala, and our Bengali bhaja moshla is ready to use in jhal muri. As shown in the pics. Store it in a small airtight container.
kolkata special bengali jhal muri masala is ready

Preparation of jhal muri recipe

  • First, boil potato/aloo(with its skin) and overnight soaked white peas together in a pressure cooker. Put the pressure cooker on high flame for boiling potatoes and peas till 2-3 whistles. Though some peas get extra time to cook. 
  • Once the pressure cooker releases its heat automatically, then first remove the aloo from the cooker. Peel out the potatoes and cut them into small cubes, keep them in a bowl. Then remove the peas from the cooker by straining its water and keep it in another bowl.
  • In the meantime, cut all the veggies like cucumber, onion, and tomatoes into fine slices or chopped them finely. Cut a lemon in half.
  • Then finely chop the green chilies, ginger, and coriander leaves. Put it in a different bowl.
  • For making sprouted chana or chola, just soak the chana two days back, and when the chana or chola completely soaked the water then strain the excess water and cover it with a damp cloth for 1 day. Its sprout will easily come out.
  • Cut the coconut into slices or even chop it too if want to mix it with muri.
  • Either use store-bought dry roasted peanuts or make it at home. At home, for dry roasting, the peanuts, take a pan with a handful of peanuts and put it on low flame by continuous stirring. When the peanuts started crackling, roast it for another 1 minute with a continuous stir. Then switch off the flame and remove the peanuts to a plate and let it cool down. Once it gets cool, just rub it and its skin will easily come out. Then remove its skin and keep it in a bowl.
  • Use small bowls to keep jhal chanachur, normal papri chanachur/, sev or Jhuri bhaja or aloo bhujia, black and white salt.
  • Even use more small bowls to keep kasundi, aam tel or spicy achar oil, and sorsher tel or mustard oil. 

Making kolkata street style special Jhal muri with step by step photos

  • Take a wide-mouth vessel, first take 3-4 cups of muchmuche muri or crunchy puffed rice.
making kolkata special bengali style jhal muri or spicy puffed rice recipe
  • Then add 2 tbsp of jhal chanachur/spicy namkeen mixture and 2 tbsp of papdi chanachur/papdi namkeen in it.
adding jhal chanachur and papdi chanachur for making this kolkata special bengali jhal muri recipe
  • Then add 3 tbsp dry roasted peanuts or badam bhaja.
added dry roasted peanuts or badam bhaja for making kolkata special bengali jhal muri
  • Adding 2-3 tbsp jhal chola bhaja or spicy roasted chana.
adding spicy chola bhaja or dry roasted chana for making kolkata special bengali jhal muri
  • Add sev or bengali Jhuri bhaja/sev bhujia or even you may use Haldiram’s aloo bhujia too.
adding sev or aloo bhujia or jhuri bhaja kolkata special bengali jhal muri
  • Add 2 tbsp sprouted black chana or chola and 2 tbsp boiled white peas or matar.
adding sprouted chana(bhejano ankurito chola) and boiled peas(sedhdho motor korai) for makimg kolkata special bengali jhal muri
  • Then add chopped boiled potatoes or siddho aloo.
adding boiled potato or siddho aloo for making kolkata special bengali jhal muri
  • Add all vegetable salads like chopped onion, tomatoes, and cucumber.
chopped onion(kuchano peyaj), cucumber (kuchano sosha)and tomato(kuchano tomato) is added with muri for making kolkata special bengali jhal muri recipe
  • Then add chopped coriander leaves, green chillies and finely chopped ginger.
chopped coriander(kuchano dhone pata) and kuchano kacha lonka and kuchano ada or chopped ginger is added to this moori for making kolkata special bengali jhal muri recipe
  • Then add white and black salt respectively.
adding white(safed nadak or sada nun) and black salt(bitnun or bitlobon) for making authentic kolkata special bengali jhal muri recipe
  • Add jhal murir bhaja masala or ground roasted spices or powdered masala(prepared at beginning of this recipe).
adding kolkata special bengali jhal muri'r bhaja moshla
  • Then add aam tel or achar er tel or spicy achar oil.
adding aam tel or aam ki aachar oil the speciality of kolkata street style special bengali jhal muri recipe
  • Add normal store-bought kasundi(homemade aam kasundi) or Bengali mustard sauce. Though I used store-bought normal kasundi but the homemade aam kasundi is best for use in this recipe.
adding kasundi for making kolkata sealdah station style special bengali jhal muri recipe
  • Adding a drizzle of our pungent mustard oil or sorsher tel.
adding sorsher tel or mustard oil speciality of kolkata special bengali jhal muri recipe
  • Now make a quick stir with a spoon and mix it nicely altogether with the muri or puffed rice.
stirring jhal muri with all kolkata special bengali jhal muri ingredients
  • Lastly must add a squeeze of half lemon juice or a tsp of tamarind water or sour tamarind chutney. Again give it a good stir.
adding lemon juice or lebur ros to finish up our kolkata special bengali jhal muri or moshla muri recipe
  • Then immediately serve this jhal muri in a paper bag(thonga in Bengali) or in a bowl. Just put a slice of coconut and sprinkle all dry ingredients from the top before serving.
filling up kolkata special bengali jhal mudi in paper bag or thonga


  • The very first condition of making a good jhalmuri is a perfect crunchy puffed rice or muchmuche muri. Basically homemade puffed rice or “ghore bhaja lal chaal er soru-lomba misti moori” is best for making jhal muri recipe. Though that lal misti muri is hard to get, out of West Bengal including Kolkata. So round or long-shaped white puffed rice also can be used but that must be best at crunch.
  • Keeps all ingredients ready before making this jhalmuri recipe. Otherwise, muri or puffed rice gets soggy and you will lose its exact taste.
  • Here I used packet muri/packet puffed rice, but for having the best taste, you can use homemade puffed rice too if available around. I only have “Bordhoman er packet muri” that is the only “bengali muri(misti laal muri)” available in bengali shops in Bangalore.
  • May use more types of chana chur/namkeen mixture, matar korai bhaja/roasted matar, even a little chire or chal bhaja too.
  • You may add chopped coconut too. Though spiciness and tanginess are up to you, so you may add more green chilies and more lemon juice even add tamarind water too.
  • Don’t waste your time once mixing is done, start eating to enjoy its delicious taste.
  • You may use the same powdered masala for preparing any puffed rice recipes to make a quick evening snack.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the recipient! I have great memory of ‘Muri’ which I enjoyed during our train rides in bengal. Will be glad to make my own.

    • Hi Radhika, yes those memories make me nostalgic too…my friend and me used to have jhal muri during our train rides (especially when came back from college)… actually those memories inspires me to make it at home…as in my Bangalore days, I was not able to find that exact taste I was searching for…and after a long experiment I was finally able to make that exact jhal muri with that particular “train wala taste” and share it in my blog to let you all (jhal muri lovers) know the actual recipe, that you can make it any time at home and enjoy…must try at home and don’t forget to share your experience…


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