jhuri alu bhaja recipe
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jhuri aloo bhaja or bengali jhur jhure alu bhaja recipe

Jhuri aloo bhaja recipe with detailed step by step pictures – it is a bengali jhur jhure alu bhaja recipe. Jhuri aloo bhaja is nothing but a bengali style crispy, golden fried, grated potato chips. These fine potato strips are mainly made by using stainless steel grater and deep-fried in oil until gets crisp and golden in color. In our Bengali cuisine, these crispy fried potato strips are so popular and mainly served in lunch with white steamed rice and dal. It is a traditional recipe of our Bengali cuisine and completely different from our common alu bhaja recipes. 

In my home, this crispy jhuri aloo bhaja are high on demand and especially must serve with Sabji Diye Bengali Bhaja Muger Dal or macher matha diye dal. That mostly because of my kid who is a huge fan of this Bengali-style alu bhaja. Even always I have to make these fries with at least 1 kg aloo and store it in an airtight container for 3-7 days.

bengali jhur jhure aloo bhaja recipe

I learned to make this jhuri aloo bhaja from my Masi(Elder sister of my mom) in my college days. She is an expert in making this alu bhaja recipe. Every year during Durga Puja, she used to visit our home and must prepare it in our kitchen. That was so delicious and perfect that I couldn’t resist myself learning this jhur jhure alu bhaja recipe, from her. I am really grateful to my Masimoni for sharing such a wonderful recipe with me. 

These Bengali style alu bhaja is considered as homemade potato chips from the olden days of our cuisine. Even in the Bengali language, we people call these potato fries with different names as per its fine cuts or even crispy looks. Such as this aloo bhaja is popular with jhuri cut, or jhiri jhiri cut, or jhuri jhuri cut, and jhur jhure looks, or jhor jhore looks. Isn’t it?

Some of my friends ask me, how to make exactly the same jhuri aloo bhaja recipe, serves in restaurants, or Bengali Biye Bari. Even people ask many more questions about this recipe. Such as, Why homemade jhuri alu bhaja gets stick to each other or why it’s not so crunchy like restaurants or how to store it for a long time?  To know all of your answers must follow my all tricks and tips explained through this step by step recipe. 

If you love these fries, must try it at home. But don’t forget to let me know your valuable feedback over this recipe in the comment section below.

Jhuri aloo bhaja recipe | bengali jhur jhure alu bhaja recipe

Prep time: 10 mins

Cooking time: 25 mins

Total time: 35 mins

Served for: 5-6 people

Course: Lunch

Cuisine: Bengali

Author: Moumita Paul


  • 800 gm aloo or potatoes
  • Oil for deep frying
  • Salt

Equipment used

  • Stainless steel grater
  • Perforated ladle
  • Colander or strainer

How to make jhuri aloo bhaja recipe


  • First, wash the potatoes(800 gm or 5 medium size aloo) for 3-4 times then peel it out. Keep it in a bowl full of water.
aloo into the water
  • Take a stainless steel grater, choose the biggest hole(shown in the pic). If you select small holes that will make more fine strips but may cause of sticking to each other.
showing the big hole of stainless steel grater to make fine potato strips with it
  • Start grating the potatoes one by one to fine julienne strips. 
making fine potato strips
  • After grating each potato, immediately must put it in another large bowl of water to prevent it from getting brown or oxidized.
quick rinsing of potatoes to remove its starch
  • Once all potatoes are nicely grated, then thoroughly wash the potato strips for 4-5 times or until the water completely gets clean. This process will help you to remove the starch contains in potatoes. That will also help it get crispy.
alu, after removing its starch with perfect washing
  • Now either put the potatoes in a large bowl or separate it into two bowls with enough water. Make sure potato strips should be drowned in the water.
fine potato strips are in separate bowl for making bengali jhuri aloo bhaja recipe
  • If you are putting the whole potato strips in a large bowl, then add 1&1/2 tsp of salt to it. But if you are putting it in two separate bowls then add 1 tsp of salt to each bowl. Leave it at least 30 mins. ( Because of using salt, aloo will quickly release its water and starch together).
adding salt to remove the excess water and starch from jhuri cut alu
  • After 30 mins, first, take out 2-3 handful of potato strips from the bowl by squeezing it hard to remove its water. Squeeze it nicely, as hard as you can, to make sure water must not be left with potato strips. Keep it on a plate(as shown below).
squeezing the aloo so hard to remove all excess water from it
  • Now add 1/2 tsp of vegetable oil for every 2-3 handfuls of potato strips, and mix it well. This procedure will help you to prevent the potato strips gets stick to each other.
adding oil in alu to prevent it from stick to each other

How to make jhuri aloo bhaja

Then take a deep bottom fry pan, put it on high flame. Add vegetable oil or refined oil in it for deep frying. Once the oil gets hot means when it will start releasing smoke, first put one strip into the oil, if the potato strip immediately floats on the surface that indicates the oil is perfectly hot.

checking the oil is perfectly hot or not
  • Then put the strips into the oil by separating it with your hand. 
putting alu in hot oil
  • For the first 1 min, don’t touch the potatoes otherwise it will get stick to each other. Only make sure aloo should nicely drown into the oil. In the beginning, aloo will get into the oil and many bubbles appear on the surface of the oil. Slowly the potato strips will float on the surface and bubbles will start disappearing. 
alu floats on to the surface of oil
  • After 1 min, stir the potatoes well, to fry its other sides for a few seconds. Once the potato strips are done it gets golden in color and makes a crunch sound when touched by the ladle. It indicates the much muche jhuri aloo bhaja or jhur jhure aloo bhaja is done.
crispy golden fried potatoes
  • Then strain the potato fries with a perforated ladle and remove it in a strainer or colander. This process will help us to remove excess oil from the potato chips. (For more details look at the tips section)
taking out golden fried jhur jhure or crispy alu bhaja from the pan
  • Similarly applying the same process to fry all the potato strips. Later when it gets cool down then immediately store it in an airtight container. Keep the container in the refrigerator for more crunchiness but you may easily keep it outside too for 3-7 days. 
perfect jhuri aloo bhaja or jhur jhure alu bhaja is ready


  • 400 ml to 500 ml oil is must required for frying 1 kg potato strips. As crunch will be missing without deep frying.
  • Always keep the flame in high. Don’t leave the fries in the pan from the beginning to the end, to avoid burning or brown texture.
  • Every time, squeeze out the potatoes just before frying or while one batch is in the pan. Don’t keep it out of the water for a long time to avoid oxidation or getting brown.
  • Don’t overcrowd the pan otherwise potato strips get stick to each other. You may add less or more potatoes in oil, as per the size of the pan and the quantity of oil.
  • After getting the crunchy sound from the chips doesn’t overcook it. Otherwise, the chips will get brown in color instead of its golden texture.
  • After frying these crispy potatoes must remove it in a colander or strainer for removing the excess oil from it. In Bengali biye bari or restaurants, mainly bansher jhuri or Bengali style basket is used to remove the excess oil.
  • Don’t put the fries on a paper-lined plate especially if you want to store it for a long time. Though paper will quickly soak the oil but make the fries too dry.  
  • Let the fries first completely cool down then store it in an airtight container otherwise it will lose the crunch for a long time.
  • Though I don’t add fried peanuts or curry leaves in this dish, but you may add it if you wish.
  • I used vegetable oil for frying these fries but you may use mustard oil too.
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