Egg roll recipe (Kolkata Street Style) | Egg paratha roll | Egg Frankie | Egg kathi roll

Egg roll recipe – Last night I made egg roll (kolkata street-style) for dinner so I thought to share this recipe on my blog. I occasionally make egg rolls, especially while preparing my kid’s evening-time quick snack. And I prepare such dishes when I hugely miss my Kolkata street food. Especially at Durga puja time, reminds me of our quick bite on hot rolls during pandal hopping break.

Egg roll recipe | Egg roll recipe (Kolkata Street Style) | Egg paratha roll recipe | Egg Frankie recipe | Egg kathi roll recipe | Anda roll recipe

What is egg roll recipe?

Egg roll is basically a sort of crispy egg paratha, wrapped with thinly sliced julienne onion and cucumber salad with tomato ketchup. Though this egg wrap is first found in Kolkata streets so it is the most popular delicacy of my city. However, in other Indian states, this wrap has several names, such as egg paratha roll or egg Frankie or egg kathi roll or omelette rolls or anda rolls.

Basically, a slightly thick & one-sided crunchy layered bread topped with a soft & fluffy single or double eggs omelette used to prepare the base of this roll. Wrapped with a slight tangy & slight spicy fresh onion cucumber salad stuffing. Butter paper is used while wrapping to secure its stuffing to fall. This onion-cucumber salad is made of a slight touch of lemon juice, green chillies and salt seasoning.

That soft & fluffy egg layer on the paratha makes this wrap soft & juicy from the inside and the crunch comes from the fresh veggies and the outer cover this bread.

It is most popular as a light evening snack, ideal for young people mainly for office or college goers. However, for Bengalis, this egg frankie is a Durga Puja sensation for satisfying a little hunger.

Let’s see how easy to make this street-style egg wrap at home. Check my stepbystep recipe detail and you will help to get it perfect. 

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Egg roll recipe (Kolkata Street Style) | Egg paratha roll | Egg Frankie | Egg kathi roll

Recipe by Moumita PaulCourse: Snacks, Street foodCuisine: Bengali, Indian, BangladeshDifficulty: Easy


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Egg roll is basically a crispy egg paratha, wrapped with thinly sliced julienne onion and cucumber salad with tomato ketchup. Wrapped with butter paper to secure its stuffing to fall.

Ingredients of kolkata street style egg roll

  • For making egg roll wrap
  • 3 cups Maida /All-purpose flour

  • 11/2 tsp Sugar

  • 1 tsp Salt

  • 4 tbsp Vegetable Oil

  • 1 cup (≈ 250 ml) of Water

  • For making filling
  • 10 Medium Eggs

  • 1 Medium Cucumber

  • 2 Medium Onion

  • 2-3 Green Chillies

  • 1 Lemon juice

  • 11/2 tsp Pepper (in total)

  • 11/2 tsp Salt (at whisking eggs)

  • Vegetable Oil (As required for frying)

How to make Kolkata Street Style egg roll recipe

  • First, In a mixing bowl, take maida (all-purpose flour), salt & sugar, and mix well.
  • Add 4 tbsp oil (for moyan) to maida and nicely mix it with your fingertips until the mixture gets crumbly.
  • Then gradually add water (I used 1 cup or 250 ml of water) to the mixture and start kneading the dough. 
  • Add water as how much as you want to prepare a soft dough. Knead the dough at least for 10 mins.
  • Then grease the dough with 4 tsp of oil. Cover it with a moist cloth or with a plate, and keep it for 30 mins rest.
  • While the dough is in resting, in the meantime, prepare rolls’ salad stuffing.
  • Peel the cucumber & onion, thoroughly wash them & cut them into thin julienne slices.
  • Finely slice the green chillies (use as per your spice level).  
  • Keep the salads in separate bowls, do not mix them.
  • The salad is ready for stuffing, keep it aside.
  • After 30 mins of resting, take out the dough, and knead it for 8-10 more mins.
  • Divide the dough into several doughs. I made 5 medium to big size doughs.
  • First grease the rolling board & rolling pin with oil and roll the dough into a fine bread (as fine as you can).
  • Put 3- 4 tsp oil on the upper face of the bread. Then sprinkle 1 tbsp maida on it, mix both well (by hand) and spread well all over the bread.
  • Then tightly wrap the bread and then with a slight twist again turn into a dough.
  • Dip the dough in a generous amount of oil until the next dough is prepared.
  • Once the newly dough is prepared following the above method, take out the last soaked dough from the oil & keep it on a plate. Then dip the newly prepared dough in the same oil.
  • Following the above method, Once all the dough is ready, again roll the dough to a slightly thick bread.
  • Heat a tawa, put the bread on the tawa, and cook or toss the bread (without oil) until both sides have small bubbles.
  • Then heat oil on that same tawa and fry the bread (one by one) until golden and slight crisp from both sides.
  • Layered parathas are ready, remove them from the pan and keep them aside.
  • Now again add 21/2 tbsp oil to the same tawa. Whisk one or two eggs with little salt & pepper. I used double eggs for one roll.
  • Put the eggs in hot oil, and spread it as much as possible all over the tawa.
  • Then immediately put the fried paratha on the eggs (rather than an omelette), and slightly press it down with your hand or with a help of a spatula.
  • To make sure, the downside of the paratha is perfectly coated (stuck) with the eggs.
  • After frying, the omelette side for 30 secs, flip the paratha and fry the other side until crispy as you need.
  • Remove the paratha from the pan, Keep it on a plate facing the omelette side up.
  • Put a handful of onion, cucumber & a few green chillies and a sprinkle of salt (on the omelette side) along the side of the paratha.
  • Then add tomato sauce (ketchup) on top of the salad and start wrapping.
  • After half of the wrapping, put the butter paper just 11/2 inch below the mouth of the roll and completely wrap the paratha along with the paper. Lastly, tuck the excess paper into the bottom of the roll. 
  • Egg roll is ready to taste. Serve it hot to get the best taste ever.


  • Though in Kolkata, this egg wrap comes with potato curry (aloo tarkari) stuffing. Though that is not mandatory. However, I never like that torkari so always ordered this roll without that torkari stuffing. If you love that torkari then must check my Mughlai paratha recipe, the same aloo tarkari recipe is discussed over there.
  • Gradually mix the water while kneading the dough and add the water as per your requirement to get a soft dough. Water requirements differ if using maida in more or less quantity.
  • You can also make the wrap with the simple paratha too. Layered paratha is not mandatory if not searching for Kolkata street-style taste.
  • Here I used double eggs for one roll, you can use single eggs too.
  • You can add chaat masala to its stuffing that is up to you. But never add coriander leaves surely spoil the taste.
  • For keeping long last crispiness in your egg roll, must fry the roll’s paratha at the beginning once until golden and slightly crisp. Later after coating one side of the paratha with the omelette, again fry the other side of the paratha until gets crispy as you want.
  • After making the egg roll you should have it as soon as possible. Otherwise, your egg roll will be no more crispy. Instead quickly gets soggy due to using salads and ketchup in it.

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