How to make sweetened condensed milk recipe at home

Condensed milk recipe – Condensed milk is a half evaporated creamy, sweetened milk prepared with 4 simple ingredients milk, milk powder, sugar, and a pinch of baking soda. This milk-based sweetener is best used to make quick and easy Indian sweets & desserts recipes.

Store-bought like condensed milk which is also known as milkmaid or mithai mate is easy to make at home. Even by following this recipe, you may easily make it at home at just half the price of the canned condensed milk. This homemade version is totally preservative-free and as creamy as the store-bought one and it is guaranteed.

homemade sweetened condensed milk recipe

Generally in the traditional way, milk and sugar are mainly used in making condensed milk. However, that is a little time-consuming process, so I used milk powder in it.

Why milk powder or dairy whitener is used in making condensed milk?

  • Firstly, if you are using toned milk, milk powder helps to quickly get a thick and creamy consistency.
  • Even with a very less amount of milk just because of using milk powder we will get a decent amount of condensed milk.
  • Moreover, as per my experience milk powder also makes a wonderfully creamy texture with the best taste, which I ever had. 

Before making this sweetened milk, I always use a store-bought milkmaid or mithai mate brand for making my instant sweet recipes. Such as my instant gajar ka halwa, coconut ladoos or burfi were common sweets made by those store-bought sweeteners. But once I started making it at home I feel it was best and never bought condensed milk from the store. I guess you will also do the same after making it at home.

As there is no preservative and it’s homemade it must be healthy without any doubt. However, for its self-life must store it in the refrigerator and enjoy it over weeks.

You may check how do I make my Gajar ka halwa recipe with milkmaid from my website. Even I’ve made one of my simple Bengali Sandesh recipes Kacha Golla with this sweetened milk.

Sweetened condensed milk recipe


1 cup=250 ml

  • 500 ml(2 cups) Full Fat Milk
  • 1/2 cup Milk Powder
  • 3/4 cup Sugar
  • 1/8 tsp of Baking soda

Prep time: 2 mins

Cooking time: 20 mins

Served in: 22 mins

Course: Sweet recipes

Cuisine: World

Author: Moumita Paul

How to make condensed milk with step by step pictures


Mixing milk with milk powder

mixing milk powder with milk to make quick condensed milk
  • Mix it well with a whisker and make sure that the mixture would be lump-free.
making condensed milk with milk powder
  • Then mix it with the rest of the milk kept in the pan.
mixing the milk powder mixture with the rest of milk
  • Add granulated sugar the milk and stir it continuously to completely melt it into the milk.
adding sugar

Making condensed milk

  • Put the pan on medium to high heat and let the milk start boiling. Stir it frequently and don’t let the milk stick to the bottom of the pan.
milk is boiling in pan
  • Once the milk starts to boil then keep stirring it continuously and scrape the milk froth from the sides of the pan.
scraping the sides of the pan
  • Boil the milk till it reaches to 300 ml or almost its half.  For me, it takes 12-13 mins to medium to high flame with continuous stirring the milk.
sweetened milk is evaporated to its half
  • Then add 1/8 tsp or a pinch of baking soda with the milk. After adding the soda, bubbles will first appear on the milk’s surface but don’t be afraid of it.
adding baking soda
  • Slow down the heat to its minimum. Then start stirring the milk and first, you will notice froth on the milk. 
baking soda is forming froth
  • Slowly the milk will start thickening and stir it continuously by scraping the sides of the pan.
checking the consistency
  • After 6-7 mins of continuous stirring, when then milk gets thick turn off the heat. Remove the pan from the oven.
half evaporated sweetened milk
  • Here you may find its consistency is a little thinner than store-bought one. But don’t worry when it will completely cool down it gets thick and creamy as the canned sweetened milk.
like canned sweetened condensed milk
  • Keep stirring the milk in this stage to cool it down quickly. Then check its consistency by putting a finger into the milk. If your finger nicely covered by this milk-based sweetener. That indicates its perfectly done.
best homemade condensed milk
  • Then again scrape the sides of the pan. Then pour this sweetened milk through a strainer to make a smooth, lump-free, and creamy consistency just like store-bought canned one.
straining it to get creamy condensed milk

Now your homemade milkmaid or mithai made is ready. Keep in an airtight bowl or container and store it in your refrigerator. Using in making sweets or ice cream or fudge or caramel sauce or just use as any sweet spread.

homemade milkmaid or mithai mate is ready


  • Store it in the refrigerator for at least one month.
  • Don’t use more baking soda in this recipe as soda’s smell will overpower it.
  • After keeping in the refrigerator for a long time it may get a little thicker. But don’t worry to get its liquid consistency just put it in the microwave for 10-20 secs.
  • Never keep it outside as it’s a milk product so easily gets spoiled.

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