choshir payesh | bengali chushi pitha | hate kata semai pitha recipe

Choshir Payesh or bengali chushi pitha or hate kata(hand made) semai pitha recipe with step by step pictures. Choshir payesh or chushi pitha or semai pitha is a Makar Sankranti special bengali delicacy made by choshi or chusi(a tiny wick shaped rice flour pitha) cooked in milk, and date palm jaggery.

Choshi or chushi is mainly a tiny pitha made by a soft rice flour dough or the dough is made of half a half of rice flour and all-purpose flour. For making choshi or chushi a pinch-sized rice flour dough turned into a shape of tiny wicks or like cooked long-grain rice just by rubbing with the hand.

As choshi is completely made by hand that is why in Bangladesh, it is also called hate kata semai pitha or hand-made vermicelli pitha.

Choshir payesh or bengali chushi pitha or hata kata semai pitha all are the same recipes with different names. Such as this recipe is common as choshir payesh or doodh choshi in West Bengal. On the other hand in Bangladesh, this dish is also known as chushi pitha, choshi pitha, chui pitha, gura pitha, or semai pitha.

bengali chushi pitha recipe

Choshi or chushi pitha can be sundried to store it for a long time as you can make it any time when you need. Then blanch the dry choshi in hot water before cooking it with milk and jaggery. That’s it.

Even this choshir pitha is the same as another sweet doodh pithi recipe. The only difference is choshi is mainly prepared with rice flour or rice flour and maida whereas pithi is mostly made by maida. However, choshi and pithi both are traditional sweet cooked in milk.

Try this choshir payesh or chushi pitha at home and let me know your valuable feedback about this recipe in the comment section below.

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Happy maker Sankranthi or poush Sankranthi to all of you.

Choshir payesh | bengali chushi pitha | hate kata semai pitha recipe

Prep time: 1 hr

Cooking time: 30 mins

Served in: 1 hr 30 mins

Served for: 7-8 people

Course: Sweet/dessert

Cuisine: Bengali

Author: Moumita Paul

Ingredients of choshir payesh

For making choshi or chushi

  • 1 cup of rice flour
  • 1.5 cup of water
  • 1/2 tsp salt

For making choshir payesh or pitha

  • 1-liter milk
  • 1 1/4 cup patali gur
  • 2 1/2 tbsp grated coconut(optional)
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 3 green cardamom(crushed)


How to make choshir payesh (bengali chushi pitha recipe) with step by step pictures


How to make choshi or chushi or hate kata semai pitha

  • Heat a pan with one and a half cup of water, bring it to boil, add 1/2 tsp of salt to it.
adding salt to the boiling water
  • Once the water starts boiling slow down the heat to its minimum. Then add 1 cup of rice flour to it and mix it nicely.
after adding rice flour mixing it with the boiling hot water for making the rice flour dough of choshi pitha
  • Once the rice flour completely mixed with the water, then turn off the heat. Immediately remove the rice flour paste on a plate. 
removing the rice flour paste from the pan
  • Start kneading the hot rice flour paste until it turned into a smooth dough. Cover the dough with a damp cloth to prevent it from getting dry.
rice flour dough is ready for making choshi pitha
  • Then take a wooden board, dust some rice flour on it, take a very small portion from the dough. First, turn the dough into fine ropes by giving light pressure to your palms. As shown in the pic below.
making ropes of rice flour dough with the light pressure of palms
  • Later take a pinch size-tiny portions from that rice flour ropes, put them between your palms, and rub them gently for making choshi or chushi in a very easy way. 
making choshi or chushi pitha in an easy way
  • For making the choshi in a traditional way, cut each tiny pinch from the rice flour ropes and immediately roll it down by the light pressure of your palm. As shown in the pic. Through this traditional way, choshi can be made so faster.
making choshi or chushi pitha or hata kata semai pitha in a traditional way
  • After making each batch of choshi, sprinkle some rice flour on it, and gently mix it.
dust the rice flour after making choshir pitha
  • Once all the choshi/chushi are ready keep them on a plate aside and start to prepare the next step of this recipe.
hate kata or hand made choshi or chushi or semai is ready

How to make choshir payesh

  • Heat a deep wide pan with 1 liter of milk, let it start boiling. Once the milk starts boiling add 3 crushed cardamom pods and 2 bay leaves into the milk. 
adding cardamom and bay leaves to the boiling milk for making choshir payesh recipe
  • Let the milk boiling for few more mins and add khejur gur or patali gur to the milk and mix it well together.
adding khejur gur or date palm jaggery into the milk for cooking the choshi in it
  • When the gur completely melts down into the milk stir it well and boil the milk for a few more mins. Scrape the milk from the sides of the pan.
gur completely melts into the milk for continuous stirring and cooking
  • After a few mins when the milk gets a little thick then start to add the choshi into the milk but in many batches. It means don’t put all the choshi at one time. Each time take a handful of choshi and sprinkle over the milk not put it in one place. This procedure will help you to prevent the choshi from getting mashed into the milk. 
putting the chushi pitha into the milk
  • After adding the choshi into the milk, mix it gently, and let it cook for some time.
gently stirring the choshi cooked into the milk
  • Then add two and half tbsp of grated coconut or 1/4 cup of coconut milk for the best flavour and taste, though it is totally optional. Mix it gently and let it cook into the milk.
adding coconut to this chosir payesh or doodh choshi recipe
  • Let cook the choshi into the milk until the choshi comes up over the milk surface(indicates choshi is almost cooked). In the meantime don’t stir it. When the choshi appears on the milk surface then give it a gentle stir and cook it for few more mins. 
stirring choshir payesh when choshi appears on the surface of milk
  • After a few mins when milk gets slightly thick(as shown in the pic below), turn off the heat. Chosir payesh or bengali chushi pitha is ready to serve. Completely cool it down and enjoy this Makar Sankranthi with this choshir payesh or chushi pitha with your family and friends. 
choshir payesh or bengali chushi pitha or semai pitha is ready


  • The size of the choshi depends on you, make it too small like the size of long-grain rice or a little long as like store-bought broken semai or vermicelli.
  • I’ve added coconut into the milk as it enhances the taste of the payesh however you may skip this step if you don’t like to have coconut.
  • The quantity of jaggery used in this recipe as per my taste. But you may add more or less as per your sweet tooth.
  • While cooking in milk don’t frequently stir the choshi. Otherwise, choshi will get broken and smashed into the milk. 
  • Don’t make the milk too thick as after cooling down choshi will absorb the milk and make it more thick and choshir payesh is not good to taste if gets too thick.

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