chocolate sandesh sweet

chocolate sandesh sweet – a Durga puja special bengali misti

Chocolate sandesh recipe step by step with pictures- bengali chocolate sandesh is the finest chocolaty dessert of Kolkata’s aka West Bengal’s sweet shops. Cocoa powder, soft chana, or bengali cottage cheese and sugar are the main ingredients of this delicious sweet. Durga puja, Laxmi puja, kali puja, marriage ceremony to welcoming guests this special chocolate-colored […]

rabri recipe

rabri recipe | rabdi recipe | how to make rabri at home

Rabri recipe – Rabri or rabdi is a most delectable milk-based sweet or dessert where layers of cream (or lachedar malai) dunked in thick sweetened evaporated milk. Basically, only two ingredients are required for making a traditional shop like rabri, i.e, milk, and sugar though cardamom powder is used to bring that exotic flavor in […]

mango sandesh recipe

Mango sandesh recipe | How to make mango sandesh

Mango sandesh recipe – this bengali sandesh is a popular mango or aam flavored ricotta cheese dessert or sweet. This recipe of mango sandesh or aam sondesh belongs to bengali sondesh family and it’s basically a perfect blend of chenna or ricotta cheese and mango puree with sugar. However, my mango or aam sandesh recipe […]

gulab jamun or milk powder gulab jamun

gulab jamun recipe | milk powder gulab jamun recipe

gulab jamun or milk powder gulab jamun is an Indian sweet or dessert actually a deep fried sweet ball, contains milk powder, maida or all-purpose flour, semolina or suji or rava, milk, ghee, and cardamom or elaichi powder, little sugar, and baking soda. This is an easy jamun recipe, because of its easy making process and easily available ingredients. […]