chocolate sandesh sweet – a Durga puja special bengali misti

chocolate sandesh sweet

Chocolate sandesh recipe step by step with pictures- bengali chocolate sandesh is the finest chocolaty dessert of Kolkata’s aka West Bengal’s sweet shops. Cocoa powder, soft chana, or bengali cottage cheese and sugar are the main ingredients of this delicious sweet. Durga puja, Laxmi puja, kali puja, marriage ceremony to welcoming guests this special chocolate-colored … Read more

rabri recipe | rabdi recipe | how to make rabri at home

rabri recipe

Rabri recipe – Rabri or rabdi is a most delectable milk-based sweet or dessert where layers of cream (or lachedar malai) dunked in thick sweetened evaporated milk. Basically, only two ingredients are required for making a traditional shop like rabri, i.e, milk, and sugar though cardamom powder is used to bring that exotic flavor in … Read more

kalakand recipe | How to make easy kalakand at home | kalakand sweet


Kalakand recipe or how to make easy kalakand at home or kalakand sweet with the step by step pictures. Kalakand is a famous north indian sweet prepared with evaporated milk, sugar, and paneer. Even khoya or milk powder can be used for making this recipe instead of Indian cottage cheese. This scrumptious dessert kalakand is … Read more

Mango sandesh recipe | How to make mango sandesh

mango sandesh recipe

Mango sandesh recipe – this bengali sandesh is a popular mango or aam flavored ricotta cheese dessert or sweet. This recipe of mango sandesh or aam sondesh belongs to bengali sondesh family and it’s basically a perfect blend of chenna or ricotta cheese and mango puree with sugar. However, my mango or aam sandesh recipe … Read more

gulab jamun recipe with powdered milk

gulab jamun or milk powder gulab jamun

Gulab jamun recipe with powdered milk, step by step recipe with detailed pictures. Indian sweet, gulab jamun is a deep-fried sweet ball, contains khoa(or mawa)/powdered milk (or dairy whitener), maida(or all-purpose flour), suji/semolina/rava, milk, ghee, and cardamom/ elaichi powder, little sugar, and baking soda. Make this milk powder gulab jamun at home with simple ingredients … Read more

Khoya recipe | How to make easy khoya in a quick way | Homemade Mawa recipe

khoya recipe

 Khoya recipe in a quick way with step by step picture format. It is also known as khoa or khova in India, it’s actually evaporated milk solids. When the milk in a deep bottom pan or iron wok, has to be evaporated about one-fifth of its real amount by simmering the heat, is called khoya … Read more

chanar jeelabi | chanar jilipi- bengali recipe | how to make paneer jalebi recipe

chanar jeelabi or chanar jilipi

chanar jeelabi or Bengali chanar jilipi with step by step picture my today’s recipe, with its nice brown texture and juicy, soft and succulent nature. This chanar jeelabi or paneer jalebi is one of my favorite sweets. This 10 years of my Bangalore days I really missed that Kolkata’s soft and juicy chanar jilipi. I’ve tasted … Read more

Modak recipe | how to make modak recipe | modak with and without mould

modak recipe

Modak recipe – Modak is a Maharashtrian stuffed sweet dumpling served to Lord Ganpati as his prasad for the Ganesh Chaturthi. According to Hindu Puran Lord Ganesha is named Modakapriya for his immense love towards Modak. In our old Sanskrit language, this sweet is also called Modakam.  Though it has a traditional connection with Maharashtra … Read more

Malpua recipe | Bengali khoya malpua – a Janmashtami special sweet

malpua recipe

Malpua recipe with step by step pictures. It’s my Bengali khoya malpua which I specially prepare as Janmashtami special sweet. Malpua is a scrumptious mouthwatering sweet dish of India. It is originally India’s traditional sweet and in olden days it was commonly prepared to almost every Indian kitchen during festivals. Specially Holi, Navratri, Diwali all … Read more

doodh peda recipe | milk peda recipe | janmashtami peda recipe

doodh peda recipe

doodh peda recipe or milk peda recipe with step by step picture format. It is a traditional Indian sweet or dessert which we generally prepare at home at any festival. Though peda is originated from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, which is said the birthplace of Lord Shree Krishna. In India, on the day of Janmashtami(Lord Shree … Read more