choshir payesh | bengali chushi pitha | hate kata semai pitha recipe

choshir payesh recipe

Choshir payesh or bengali chushi pitha or hate kata(hand made) semai pitha recipe with step by step pictures. Choshir payesh or chushi pitha or semai pitha is a Makar Sankranti special bengali delicacy made by choshi or chusi(a tiny wick shaped rice flour pitha) cooked in milk, and date palm jaggery. Choshi or chushi is … Read more

Kacha Golla – a delicious Bengali Sandesh recipe

Kacha Golla recipe step by step with pictures – it is a delicious bengali sandesh popular in Kolkata aka West Bengal. Kancha golla is also popular as Pranhara sweet too, mainly in Bangladesh. It is basically made of fresh chenna, condensed milk, and sugar with a light cardamom flavor. Though for making kacha golla, fresh … Read more

How to make sweetened condensed recipe milk at home

condensed milk recipe

Homemade sweetened condensed milk recipe – how to make it at home with step-by-step pictures. Condensed milk is half evaporated creamy, sweetened milk. It is made with just 4 simple ingredients; milk, milk powder, sugar, and a pinch of baking soda. This milk-based sweetener is mostly used to make quick and easy sweets or desserts. … Read more

Mathura peda recipe | how to make mathura peda at home

mathura peda recipe

Mathura peda recipe – learn how to make Mathura peda at home with simple tips and tricks. Mathura peda is a famous sweet of Mathura basically made by caramelized khoya(or mawa), sugar, and cardamom powder. As this peda is originated in North Indian oldest & sacred city Mathura so it is named after the place. Even … Read more

Bengali patishapta pitha recipe | kheer narkel nolen gurer patishapta

bengali patishapta pitha

Patishapta recipe step by step – patishapta is an authentic Bengali pitha actually a recipe of sweet rice flour pancake stuffed with kheer-narkel-nolen gurer filling. This bengali style rice flour pancake(crepe) and its delicious coconut, khoya, and date palm jaggery mixture stuffing is the specialty of this traditional sweet. Wintertime Bengali festival Poush Parbon aka … Read more

Dudh puli recipe | makar sankranti special bengali dudh puli pitha recipe

Dudh puli recipe

Dudh puli pitha recipe step by step – Dudh puli is a traditional bengali pithe or pitha and Makar Sankranti or poush sankranti(in Bengal) is the best time to make it at home. Bengali style Dudh puli means half-moon shaped stuffed rice cake or dumpling cooked in dudh or milk. In this bengali dudh puli … Read more

Nolen gurer payesh recipe | bengali rice kheer with gur

nolen gurer payesh recipe

Nolen gurer payesh recipe – bengali nolen gurer payesh( or date palm jaggery) is actually a winter special rice kheer sweet to celebrate our poush parbon festival. Nolen gur which is known as notun gur, khejur gur or patali gur is the main attraction of this bengali chaler payesh or rice pudding recipe. Though gobindo … Read more

Bengali payesh recipe – bengali birthday special sweet or dessert

bengali payesh recipe

Bengali payesh recipe with step by step pictures – This bengali dessert is prepared at every home in bengal as a common birthday special sweet dish. Payesh is the easiest homemade sweet of bengali cuisine also known as rice kheer too among other Indian cuisines. We generally make this sweet dish or dessert at home … Read more

chocolate sandesh sweet – a Durga puja special bengali misti

chocolate sandesh sweet

Chocolate sandesh recipe step by step with pictures- bengali chocolate sandesh is the finest chocolaty dessert of Kolkata’s aka West Bengal’s sweet shops. Cocoa powder, soft chana, or bengali cottage cheese and sugar are the main ingredients of this delicious sweet. Durga puja, Laxmi puja, kali puja, marriage ceremony to welcoming guests this special chocolate-colored … Read more

Chocolate modak recipe | How to make chocolate modak recipe

chocolate modak recipe

Chocolate modak recipe – Chocolate modak is a cocoa powder and milk powder(dry mawa or khoya) based fusion modak for Lord ganpati. Milk, milk powder, cocoa powder, Cadbury chocolate, powdered sugar, chopped dry fruits are the secret ingredients for making this modak recipe. Without using mawa or milk solids or even condensed milk and dark … Read more