Steamed chicken momos recipe

chicken momos recipe

Presenting Chicken momos recipe – a recipe described how to make street-style delicious steamed chicken momos at home with simple step-by-step pictures. Chicken momos are soft and juicy delicious chicken mince stuffed dumplings, mainly prepared by steaming or frying. Best to have it with hot chicken clear soup(optional) and spicy chili garlic chutney. Like other … Read more

Kolkata special Bengali jhal muri or masala muri recipe

jhal muri recipe

Kolkata special bengali Jhal muri or masala muri recipe – Jhal muri is a street-style puffed rice snack from our Bengali cuisine. Puffed rice is mixed up with different savory snacks and few Indian spices(or masala) for making jhal muri. Jhal muri is popular as evening snacks and served in a paper packet with whole … Read more

Fish Kabiraji recipe | bengali fish kabiraji cutlet

fish kabiraji recipe

Fish kabiraji recipe step by step with pictures. Fish kabiraji is a delicious and popular street food of Kolkata. Basically fish kabiraji is one more recipe of fish cutlet but not that regular bengali version. In short, when breadcrumbs coated fried fish cutlet comes with a wonderful crispy cover, called fish kabraji.  Kabiraji can be … Read more

beguni recipe | crispy bengali brinjal fritters | batter fried eggplant fritters

beguni recipe

Beguni recipe or crispy bengali brinjal fritters or batter-fried eggplant fritters with stepwise pictures. Beguni is a bengali style crispy, batter fried brinjal or eggplant fritters, this recipe is popular in Kolkata as evening teatime snacks. This veg snack is known as telebhaja (means deep-fried in oil) mainly a popular street food recipe of Kolkata. … Read more

vegetable chop recipe | how to make bengali street style beetroot cutlet recipe

vegetable chop recipe

Vegetable chop recipe or Bengali street style beetroot cutlet recipe with step by step pictures – Bengali vegetable chop or beetroot cutlet is a popular street food of Kolkata. As it consists of boiled and mashed or crumbled beetroot, carrot and potatoes, well combined with bengali bhaja masala and is to be coated with breadcrumbs … Read more

samosa recipe | north indian style aloo samosa recipe

samosa recipe

North indian style aloo Samosa recipe with step by step pictures. In the Indian context, samosa is a popular street food mainly a spicy potato stuffed crispy deep-fried triangular-shaped snack. This snack is generally served with mint chutney, tamarind chutney, or tomato ketchup. This evening snack perfectly goes with a cup of tea. Though as … Read more

pav bhaji recipe | mumbai street food style pav bhaji recipe

pav bhaji recipe

Pav bhaji recipe with step by step pictures-┬áIt’s famous Indian street food from Maharashtra. Where butter toasted Pav(rolled bread or buns) is served with bhaji(vegetables), a spicy and thick curry with mashed vegetable. If you have to be asked about famous Indian street foods then this pav bhaji recipe should be on that list. Though … Read more

chicken roll recipe | kolkata street food bengali chicken roll recipe

chicken roll

chicken roll recipe | Kolkata street food bengali chicken roll recipe with step by step pictures. Chiken roll is a popular bengali street food where cooked chicken pieces are kept in a fried Indian paratha with lime juice and onion slices and wrap it up. It originally comes from Kolkata and people call it as Kolkata … Read more