baby corn manchurian recipe

baby corn manchurian recipe | crispy dry baby corn manchurian

Baby corn manchurian recipe – it’s my crispy dry baby corn manchurian which is a mouthwatering veg starter of Indo chinese kitchen. Taste-wise manchurian recipes are sweeter than other Indian style Chinese recipes and it has no connection with original chinese food. Actually manchurian is prepared with a perfect combination of chilli sauce and sweet […]

veg momos

Veg momos recipe | how to make veg momos at home

Veg momos recipe or how to make veg momos at home with step by step pictures. Veg momos are actually vegetable stuffed dumplings which is mainly steamed. Momo is originally a tibetan dumpling that can be made by steaming or frying with veg or non-veg stuffing. And my today’s version is veg momos which are […]

fish kabiraji recipe

Fish Kabiraji recipe | bengali fish kabiraji cutlet

Fish kabiraji recipe step by step with pictures. Fish kabiraji is a delicious and popular street food of Kolkata. Basically fish kabiraji is one more recipe of fish cutlet but not that regular bengali version. In short, when breadcrumbs coated fried fish cutlet comes with a wonderful crispy cover, called fish kabraji.  Kabiraji can be […]

pav bhaji recipe

pav bhaji recipe | mumbai street food style pav bhaji recipe

Pav bhaji recipe with step by step pictures-┬áIt’s famous Indian street food from Maharashtra. Where butter toasted Pav(rolled bread or buns) is served with bhaji(vegetables), a spicy and thick curry with mashed vegetable. If you have to be asked about famous Indian street foods then this pav bhaji recipe should be on that list. Though […]