Crispy dry baby corn manchurian recipe

baby corn manchurian recipe baby corn manchurian recipe baby corn recipe baby corn recipe crispy baby corn recipe crispy baby corn recipe chinese baby corn recipe chinese baby corn recipe dry baby corn recipe dry baby corn recipe manchurian recipe manchurian recipe

Baby corn manchurian is an easy-to-make recipe of simply delicious, crispy, dry baby corn cooked in a slightly spicy & sweet Manchurian gravy. Manchurian gravy is simply prepared with a perfect mixture of red chilli sauce, tomato sauce, soya sauce & chilli flakes and tossed with fried baby corn. Baby corn manchurian is one of … Read more

Bengali bhetki fish fry recipe – a Bengali style crispy fish cutlet recipe

bengali fish fry recipe

Bengali bhetki fish fry recipe aka Bengali style crispy fish cutlet recipe step by step with pictures. Bengali fish fry means a deep-fried crunchy fish cutlet. For making this recipe, masala marinated boneless fish fillet(mainly bhetki fillet) coated in breadcrumbs & deep fried in vegetable oil unless crisp. Among Bengalis, this fish fry is a … Read more

Pav bhaji recipe(Mumbai street style) with detailed step-by-step pics

Pav bhaji recipe with detailed step-by-step pics. Pav bhaji is a Mumbai street-style snack recipe mainly a combination of a perfect butter-toasted bun(called pav) and a spicy & creamy finger-licking vegetable curry(called bhaji). Though homemade however tastewise simply best. Easy to prepare at home with simple spices along with a few tricks. About Pav bhaji … Read more

Easy samosa recipe with aloo detailed step by step pics

samosa recipe - a north indian style veg aloo samosa recipe

Samosa recipe – samosa is one of the best simply delicious yet easy-to-make North Indian snack recipe. Samosa is a triangular-shaped deep-fried crispy pastry stuffed with spicy potato filling with green peas & peanuts. Perfectly paired with evening tea or coffee. Easy to make at home just following simple steps.  As samosa is not originally … Read more

Healthy chicken stew recipe – how to make chicken stew

chicken stew recipe

Chicken stew recipe – A healthy, delicious, easy-to-make chicken stew recipe for just about 30 minutes. Chicken stew is a less spicy, soupy curry made with chicken, potatoes, carrot, beans, papaya & onion, flavors blended with butter, crushed black pepper, and whole garam masala spices. Though I used the most common veggies in this soup, … Read more

Tandoori chicken recipe(on gas & in oven)

Tandoori chicken recipe

Tandoori chicken recipe – let’s see how simply make tandoori chicken at home described with detailed step-by-step pictures form. Tandoori chicken is one of my favorite Indian chicken starter recipes even though I am always ready for eating this dish. Especially its soft, tender, and moist smokey charcoal-flavored chicken catch my all attention toward it. … Read more

Crispy chicken lollipop recipe | how to make chicken lollipop at home step by step

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Crispy Chicken lollipop recipe – Learn how to make restaurant-style delicious chicken lollipop at home step-by-step with pictures. Chicken lollipop is one of the most popular chicken wings starters among all finger-licking chicken starters prepared in indo-Chinese cuisine. It is basically a recipe of a batter-coated deep fried chicken wings starter, made by frenched cut … Read more

Chicken pakora recipe aka chicken pakoda recipe at home

chicken pakora recipe aka chicken pakoda recipe aka chicken pokora in Bangladesh recipe aka chicken fritter recipe(in english) aka indian style chicken fritter chicken pakora aka kolkata style chicken pakora aka bengali style chicken pakora aka chicken ki pakora in hindi aka chicken ki pakoda in hindi aka chicken pakodi or chicken pakori in odia/oriyaria

Chicken pakora recipe(চিকেন পাকোড়া রেসিপি) at home with detailed step-by-step pictures. Chicken pakora is a simply delicious, deep-fried crispy chicken fritter. Also written as chicken pakoda, both are pronounced the same, only the spellings are different. Pakora’s “r” is replaced with the English letter “d” in pakoda. Each pakora (pakora means fritter in English) contains … Read more

Tangdi kabab recipe – restaurant-style malai tangri kabab

tangdi kabab recipe

Tangdi kabab recipe(restaurant-style chicken malai tangri kabab) with step by step pics – Tangdi kabab is a popular Indian style kebab made with a chicken tangdi/tangri or drumstick or chicken legs. Basically, tangdi/tangri is an Indian term that means chicken drumsticks or chicken leg pieces. Whereas kabab is the popular Indian starter, which is worldwide … Read more

Mutton chops fry recipe with step by step pictures

mutton chops fry

Mutton chops fry recipe with step-by-step pictures – Mutton chops fry is a delicious Indian-style dry mutton starter. A juicy, tender, flavourful recipe of fried mutton(lamb or goat) ribs or chops. An easy-to-make starter cooked up in simple spices. Originally it is a preparation of Andhra cuisine, however, this recipe is most popular in Hyderabad. … Read more

Easy Mango Ice Cream Recipe – step by step দুর্দান্ত স্বাদের পমফ্রেট মাছের রেসিপি(Pomfret macher recipe in bengali) কলকাতা চিকেন বিরিয়ানি রেসিপি – Kolkata chicken biryani recipe in bengali স্ট্রিট স্টাইল ভেজ মোমো রেসিপি – Veg momo recipe in bengali Mango Lassi recipe – street style Mango yogurt drink চিকেন স্টু রেসিপি(in bengali) – মাত্র ৩০ মিনিটে স্ট্রিট স্টাইল চিকেন মোমো রেসিপি(chicken momo recipe in bengali) লস্যি রেসিপি(in bengali)- ১০ মিনিটে হাতে ও ২০ সেকেন্ডে মিক্সার এ তৈরী পাঞ্জাবি লস্যি