Bengali Lau Chingri recipe – Bengali Bottle gourd curry with prawn

Lau Chingri recipe | Bengali Lau Chingri recipe | Chingri diye lau recipe | Lau chingri ghonto recipe

“Experience the delightful flavors of Bengali Lau Chingri, one of the special recipes from our Bengali culinary. A traditional Bengali dish combines the succulent taste of shrimp (chingri) with the mild sweetness of bottle gourd (lau). Follow our step-by-step guide to create a mouthwatering Lau Chingri curry that is both nutritious and scrumptious. Explore the … Read more

Echor Chingri recipe | Bengali Kathal Chingri recipe | Bengali Echor recipe with prawn

Echor Chingri recipe | Bengali Kathal Chingri recipe | Bengali Echor recipe with prawn

Echor chingri recipe step by step – Echor chingri is an authentic Bengali raw jackfruit curry cooked with boiled jackfruit and prawns. Chingri means Prawn in English and Echor is a Bengali term for kaccha kathal in Hindi or raw young jackfruit in English. In Bengali homes, this jackfruit curry is also named chingri mach … Read more

Chingrir Pur Bhora Potoler Dolma (Dorma) recipe – Bengali style stuffed parwal curry with Prawn

Chingrir Pur Bhora Potoler Dolma (Dorma) recipe - Bengali Stuffed Parwal with Prawn - Bengali stuffed pointed gourd recipe

Potoler dolma (dorma) is a Bengali style most popular bharva parwal recipe or stuffed pointed gourd recipe. Potoler Dolma (Dorma) stuffing can be made with prawn, fish or keema (minced meat), chhana (paneer) or cholar dal and simple spices. That stuffed parwal is shallow fried in oil and then cooked in a gravy and potoler … Read more

Goan Prawn Curry recipe | How to make Authentic Goan Prawn Curry | Easy Prawns Ambot tik

Goan Prawn Curry recipe | How to make Goan Prawn Curry

Goan Prawn Curry recipe – Goan Prawn Curry is a simply delectable spicy and tangy prawns curry or shrimp curry from Goa. In Goan prawn curry, medium-sized shelled & deveined prawns are cooked in a gravy made with coconut, tamarind, vinegar, curry leaves and a few simple spices and herbs. This prawn curry is an … Read more

Easy tandoori prawns recipe

tandoori prawns recipe

Easy tandoori prawns recipe – let’s learn to make an Indian restaurant-style tandoori prawns recipe with easy step-by-step pictures. Tandoori masala-coated roasted prawns or shrimps are known as tandoori prawns. This Indian-style grilled prawns starter is most popular among seafood lovers. It is easy to make at home by simply marinating the prawns with yogurt, … Read more

Creamy jumbo prawn recipe- a quick & easy recipe of giant shrimp

creamy jumbo prawn recipe

Creamy jumbo prawn recipe with step by step pictures – Learn to make a very quick & easy recipe of giant shrimp. It’s a delicious recipe of giant tiger prawns in a creamy butter garlic sauce. This creamy jumbo prawns is made by giant tiger prawns or black shrimps cooked in butter garlic-flavored creamy milk-based … Read more

Chingri bhapa – an authentic prawn recipe of bengal

chingri bhapa

Today I will share how easily you can make this chingri bhapa or prawn bhapa with my step by step pictures preparation. Chingri bhapa is an authentic recipe of Bengali cuisine mainly prepared with the prawn. In this chingri bhapa recipe, mainly raw prawns are steamed up with its common ingredients, like a paste of … Read more

grilled prawns recipe | grilled shrimp recipe

grilled prawns recipe

Grilled prawns or grilled shrimp is a quick Indian starter that can be easily prepared in a grilling pan or tawa, on bbq rack or even in the microwave oven. This indian style grilled prawns or grilled shrimp recipe requires some simple ingredients, i.e, tiger prawns (without shell), garlic, lime juice, spicy chili flakes, hung … Read more

Prawn balls recipe| shrimp ball recipe | how to make fried prawn balls recipe

prawn balls recipe

Shrimp ball recipe or Fried prawn balls recipe with step by step pictures. Prawn balls or shrimp ball, an interesting recipe of deep-fried starter, where mince prawns, quickly marinated with chopped ginger-garlic-green chilies-spring onion and parsley, a combination of fish sauce and dark soy sauce, a sprinkle of salt and pepper turned it to be … Read more

Chilli prawns gravy recipe | chinese style chilli prawns

chilli prawns gravy recipe

Chilli prawns gravy recipe with step by step pictures. Chilli prawns is a Chinese recipe where prawns are cooked with different chinese sauce and chilies. This “Chinese style chilli prawns” is an easy and quick recipe of our Indochinese cuisine. As you know, prawn doesn’t take much time to cook and as it’s a Chinese … Read more

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