Lote macher jhuri recipe | loitta macher jhuro | Dry Bombay duck (bombil fish) curry

Lote macher jhuri recipe

Lote macher jhuri recipe – Lote macher jhuri aka loitta macher jhuro is a bengali style bombay duck curry. As another intro, a bombil fish curry of Bengali origin. Bombay duck is the English name of Lote mach or loitta fish or bombil. This is basically a dry and spicy bombay duck curry by drying … Read more

Chanchra recipe – Bengali Biye bari style macher matha diye pui saag chorchori

Chanchra recipe

Today I am going to share Bengali Biye bari style Chanchra recipe in my blog post which I made last week. Chanchra is a finger-licking mushy curry cooked with fish head, fish fat (including fish guts), pui saag and a few assorted veggies. It is a hugely popular traditional dish on Bengali biyebarir menu. Bengali … Read more

Bengali Biyebari Style Doi Maach recipe – Doi Katla recipe

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Bengali Biyebari Style Doi maach recipe – Doi katla recipe with step-by-step detail. Doi Maach is a signature Bengali fish curried dish of cooking fish (Rui or Katla fish) in a creamy yogurt-based gravy. Popular as Bengali biye bari (Marriage feast) style traditional dish for ages. This fish curry is commonly prepared at every Bengali … Read more

Muri ghonto recipe – How to make muri ghonto

Muri ghonto recipe | Muri ghonto recipe

Muri ghonto recipe with step-by-step pictures. Muri ghonto is a ghee garam masala flavoured Bengali fish head curry cooked with gonbindo bhog rice and aloo. This Bengali fish head curry gets a perfect compilation of rice and fried rui or katla fish head infused in an onion-ginger-garlic-ghee & garam masala flavoured gravy. Golden fried aloo … Read more

How to make Ilish maachh bhaja with Ilish maachher tel – recipe with photos

How to make Ilish maachh bhaja with Ilish maachher tel

Let’s see How to make ilish maachh bhaja with ilish maachher tel – recipe with step-by-step photos. White rice with Ilish maachh bhaja and Ilish maachher tel is one of my favorite dishes. Most Bengalis especially the Ilish maach lovers have a common favorite dish, right? A simple recipe and does not need to introduce … Read more

Rui Katla Macher Kalia recipe – Bengali style Fish kalia recipe with step-by-step detail

Macher kalia recipe

Rui katla Macher Kalia recipe – Make a Bengali-style easy fish kalia recipe (with rohu or catla fish) at home in 30 mins with step-by-step detailed pictures. Macher Kalia is a simply delectable Bong fish speciality most popular dish for being Bengali biye barir food menu’s recipe. Kalia is best to prepare by choosing heavyweight … Read more

Tel koi recipe

Tel koi recipe-tel koi dish

Tel koi with piping hot rice(গরম ভাত এর সাথে তেল কই) at lunch is one of my favourite dishes. Even that would be great If that tel koi is cooked by my mom or prepared by following her recipe. As she cooked best tel koi like other fish curry recipes with an authentic taste & … Read more

Aloo phulkopi bori diye macher jhol recipe -Bengali fish curry recipe with vegetables

Aloo phulkopi bori diye Macher jhol-bengali fish curry with winter time vegetables cauliflower and potatoes | Macher jhol recipe with vegetables | Aloo diye macher jhol recipe | Fulkopi diye macher jhol recipe | Macher jhol recipe step by step with pictures | Simple Macher jhol recipe | Patla Macher jhol recipe | Sobji diye Macher jhol recipe | Healthy macher jhol recipe | Best Macher jhol recipe | Homemade Macher jhol recipe | Quick Macher jhol recipe | Easy macher jhol recipe | Famous Bengali Macher jhol recipe | Fulkopi aloo diye macher jhol recipe | Alu diye macher jhol recipe

Aloo phulkopi bori diye Macher jhol recipe step by step – it is simple wintertime bengali fish curry cooked with freshwater fish and winter-time vegetables. In this bengali fish curry, freshwater fish like rui/katla/tilapia/koi/tangra fish is simply cooked with veggies like potato(aloo), cauliflower(phulkopi) and dried lentil dumplings(bori). For making this bengali macher jhol, I used … Read more

Pabda macher shorshe jhal – a bengali mustard fish curry recipe

Pabda macher shorshe jhal - a bengali mustard fish curry recipe | pabda macher jhal, shorshe pabda, pabda fish curry, pabda mach, making pabda fish curry, pabda macher shorshe jhal, shorshe bata diye pabda mach, pabda macher recipe, pabda fish recipe, pabda recipe, bengali mustard fish curry, mustard fish curry with pabda, indian butter catfish recipe, shorshe bata diye macher jhal

Pabda macher shorshe jhal is a super delicious bengali style spicy mustard fish curry recipe prepared with Indian butter catfish cooked in a mustard paste gravy. Pabda macher jhal is made of fried pabda fish cooked in pungent mustard oil and spicy mustard paste gravy containing nigella seeds, tomato, green chilli, and fresh coriander. This … Read more

Pomfret macher jhal | Pomfret fish curry | Bengali pomfret recipe

pomfret macher jhal-a pomfret fish curry aka bengali pomfret recipe

Pomfret macher jhal – Pomfret macher jhal is a spicy pomfret fish curry recipe in Bengal style. Macher jhal is a common phrase used to indicate a recipe for spicy Bengali fish curry.  In this pomfret fish curry, white pomfret/pamphlet fish is first fried in mustard oil and then cooked in a Bengali-style masala-based gravy … Read more

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